Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Tres: Day 184
Thurs. Aug 1, 2013

Tricky featuring Alison Goldfrapp


“♫ I

A lusty sound canvas of mumbled sensuality is what Tricky and Alison Goldfrapp crafted for their ultra sultry song, “Pumpkin.” Inspired by a sampled loop of Smashing Pumpkins “Suffer,” Tricky’s erotic duet with Alison was one of the definite highlights of Tricky’s debut masterpiece Maxinquaye.

Although Tricky disputes that his sample of Jimmy Chamberlain’s drum fills from Gish as a tribute to Chicago’s Smashing Pumpkins. The artist formally known as Adrian Thaws told Ray Gun about the Maxinquaye’s “Pumpkin,” when Tricky said, “Sometimes I sample people to disrespect them. People think it’s a compliment. Smashing Pumpkins, that was a bit of a piss take, really, what it was.” Whatever his intentions, I believe you truly have to love a song to sample it, and despite what Tricky felt about the band, you can tell that he truly loved the song “Suffer” to add Chamberlain’s drums as a key musical component to “Pumpkin.” It’s brilliant move on Tricky’s part! Jimmy’s drums are the perfect backbeat heart flutter sparking the already intimate lyrical conversation between Alison and Tricky.

While Tricky was nominated for Britain’s prestigious Mercury Prize, after her critically acclaimed work on “Pumpkin” Alison found fame when she collaborated with Will Gregory by taking her last name as a moniker and created a splash with her own lusty brand of electronica with Goldfrapp. Hear one of Alison’s first songs ever as she traded lyrical licks with Tricky, inspired by a Smashing Pumpkins sample, this Maxinquaye cut deserves a slice you’re appetite and attention today. Open up you may just love the lusty slices of “Pumpkin.”