About Don’t Forget The Songs-365

Welcome to Don’t Forget The Songs-365: Mach Tres—the era of blog.

This is a project I started Jan 10th 2011, on facebook and twitter. Every day I will post a song—any song of my choosing. I will write about it and share with you the significance of why that song selected me that day. Every day for one year, one song per day—let see what happens, this time.

I leave you with one of my favorite quotes – from the immortal words of author Bill Flanagan-

Those aristocrats who fall on the floor writhing and swallowing their tongues when writers put rock & roll into the same boat as high art, poetry, philosophy, and other university subjects should get out now. You won’t like it here.”

Thank You for sharing in this adventure with me,

Adrian Ernesto Cepeda
Don’t Forget The Songs-365

3 thoughts on “About Don’t Forget The Songs-365”

  1. i think this blog’s idea is great, especially that i’m a big zeppelin fan, however, i couldn’t find a button to check your older posts ! keep up the good work, i just subscribed, can’t wait …

  2. gracieloufreebushh said:

    Just found your blog, love it, wish you would continue though you made me discover so many songs!!!

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