Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Tres: Day 263
Fri. Dec 6, 2013

“Pali Gap”
Jimi Hendrix


Today begins my extended Graduate School sabbatical, I will be away and unable to share any new Don’t Forget the Songs-365 posts while I’m in school, but I am leaving you with this rare Hendrix instrumental beauty.

According Peter Doggett’s Jimi Hendrix: The Complete Guide to his Music, “Pali Gap” name was, provided by Hendrix’s manager Mike Jeffery, “when he was concocting Rainbow Bridge as a supposed soundtrack for the movie of Jimi’s adventures on the island [of Hawaii].” Hendrix didn’t perform “Pali Gap” in Hawaii, this instrumental came to life in 1970, while recording “Dolly Dagger” at Electric Lady Studios in New York.

In John McDermott’s Ultimate Hendrix, John Jansen described how “Pali Gap came to life when this Electric Lady Studio engineer said, “‘Dolly Dagger’ had broken down but the band continued to play. After three minutes or so, Hendrix began playing this beautiful melody and the rest of the guys fell in behind him.” Original entitled “Slow Part,” Eddie Kramer helped produced the results that became “Pali Gap” when he explained, “Afterwards, when [Jimi] realized that there might be something there after all, he overdubbed a second guitar and a new solo with the Marshall back at full volume.”

In Jimi Hendrix: Musician, Keith Shadwick dubbed “Pali Gap,” “one of Hendrix’s most charming and original creations of his final two years.” And today for my final post before my sabbatical, I am dedicated “Pali Gap” to my fellow Antioch Pali’s; I am looking forward to sharing my greatest grad school adventure with my fellow poets! Turn on, tune in and trip out while experiencing Jimi Hendrix filling in the chord-like colors within the glorious riffs of his instrumental masterwork that is “Pali Gap”