Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Tres: Day 263
Thurs. Nov 28, 2013

Paul McCartney


“♫ I
want to
show my

It’s Thanksgiving and what more perfect song to spotlight that this Paul McCartney song where the former Beatle sings about “Gratitude.” Ever wondered what or who exactly sparked this song? Talking about the inspiration for Memory Almost Full’s “Gratitude” Paul McCartney said this, “I’ve always had a couple of voices. Originally you’re just a kid at home, like everyone else, and then you start to dream of being a singer. My heroes then were rock ‘n’ rollers, so my ballad voice was based on Elvis and the screamy voice was me trying to be Little Richard. I loved him so much. When I joined the Beatles, John used to like that and it’s stayed with me as something I enjoy doing – that gritty, souly voice. So on this track I was just thinking of how much there is to be grateful for in life, and I wanted to put that into song and use the gritty voice to do it with.” You gotta love the way that Paul reaches back with a “Oh Darling” and Abbey Road-esque vocal mirroring the gratefulness within the lyrics of his poignantly soulful song.

But McCartney fans have been speculating since Memory Almost Full’s release if Paul had penned “Gratitude” for someone in particular? Maybe as a lyrical olive branch to his ex-wife Heather? Macca responded to this ABC News query by saying, “It’s written for women, you know, but I have a lot of women,” he said. “Well, I mean, it doesn’t sound as, you know, as exciting as it is. … But I think everyone expects you to have written it for one specific person.”

But even with that answer Macca’s fans were still not satisfied. The New York Times surmised that “Gratitude” was a tribute to Paul’s first love, his wife Linda, to which McCartney replied, “‘Gratitude’ is just me being grateful for the good stuff in my life, past and present. That’s the thing about me – when I talk about love, it’s often general, it’s not always specific. If people think these songs are specific to Linda, that wouldn’t be true. But they’re pertaining to Linda, or my children, or other things in life for which I feel grateful. So she’s certainly in there.”

You would think that an artist of Paul McCartney’s caliber would get frustratingly annoyed at all the conjecture over who inspired songs like “Gratitude” this former Beatle composed but you would be wrong as he explained to the New York Times, “I don’t really mind how people interpret my songs. But I don’t want to have to say, ‘Yes, you’re right.’ I’d more gladly say, ‘Yeah, you’re partially on the button, but it means a whole bunch of other things.”
Although Memory Almost Full might not rank as my favorite Macca solo albums, “Gratitude” is definitely my favorite cut off this often overlooked LP. I believe Paul Du Noyer should’ve been talking about Memory Almost Full when he wrote, “these are songs of gratitude for the past with a ballsy resolve to enjoy the future.”If you’re sitting around with the familia and waiting for the turkey to be ready, spin Paul’s very soulful song of “Gratitude.” You will thank me for this one:

So I want to take this time to show my gratitude to the people who have made 2013 one of the most memorable of my life. In one week’s time I will embark on a life changing experience I like to call my great grad school adventure and for supporting and believing in me and my talents I have to thank my Mami y Papi and my whole Cepeda familia spurring me on from the Alamo City and beyond. To my beautiful and lovely wife who has stood behind me, loving me and encouraging me to follow my creative voice on this road less traveled by—for this baby, I am eternally grateful. Special shout out to our extended Busher family, Mom, Brian, Eric, Patrick (R.I.P), Jamie and Claudia & baby Matteo, Dad and all the Ferguson clan far and wide.
I cannot forget Silke Feltz, Kirsten Ogden who helped me reaching my goal of getting accepted into graduate school. And all my poet friends for all the inspiring feedback and sharing your amazing work and voices with me that include: Clement Tsang, Stephen Boyer, Ricardo Perrin, Apryl Skies, Barbara Moore, Angel Uriel Perales, Cristina Umpfenbach-Smyth and Sidonie Tise. And especially to all my amigos y amigas who have been there following my dream from the beginning: I want to send a special thanksgiving wish to: Greg Rodriguez & Julie Hansen, Lisa Balderas, Max Magbee, Keefer Dickerson, Noelle Link, Jason Baker, Erik Rodriguez, Alyssa Gale, Paul Barbosa, Jeff Albers, Bryan Rockwell, Lindsey and David Tenenbaum, Wendy, Eric & Abbey Knouse and Rocky Durand.

And thank you to all my loyal readers and followers of Don’t Forget The Songs-365. I started this my WordPress site as a way to get my lazy butt to make my mark with my voice by spurring my creative mind and most of all write about all the music that I love and inspires me every single day of my very lucky life. Thanks for being along for my journey. I can’t wait till tomorrow.
Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy the family, food and football.