Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Tres: Day 258
Thurs. Nov 21, 2013

Cat Power


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Did you know that Chan Marshall released a new song as an extra bonus track to the digital version of her critically acclaimed 2012 album Sun? “Bully” is that song. While on Later with Jools Holland the artist that is Cat Power said this about “Bully,” “That was actually one of the songs that I had made up before I recorded any of the material from Sun. I had a whole bunch of songs, but what inspired that, I was, as usual, waiting for the piano to get tuned. You know, the time when you’re not really thinking about — the free thought, or whatever. It was about past experience.

Anyone who has ever lived through the harrowing intimidation of bullying will immediately connect to this slow burning torch song where Chan Marshall conjures up her own personal experiences in this eerie piano lament. If you’re wandering what exactly spawned Cat Power to write and record this very intimate lyrical reflection, Chan isn’t sharing.

Marshall did try explaining the genesis for “Bully” to Mojo when she said, “To tell the story of ‘Bully’ would be an injustice towards the love I shared with the love of my life. So I cannot speak about that. ‘Bully’ was one of the songs that I originally wrote for (2012 album) Sun, along with 14 others, but to play nice, I’ll just say they didn’t make the record. I’m glad ‘Bully’ was respected enough to see the light of the day. I’m happy in my life and when I sing this song, yeah, it breaks my heart.”
CAT POWER PARIS - Olympia - 2013-07-17
Chan Marshall couldn’t bring herself to tell Mojo Magazine the true story behind bully, so she’ll let her more famous alter-ego Cat Power share the haunted beauty of this extra Sun track that is “Bully.”