Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Tres: Day 240
Sun. Oct. 27, 2013

“I Found A Reason”
Lou Reed & The Velvet Underground


“♫ I
Found a
reason to

You were my reason
[R.I.P. Lou Reed]

I found the reason, you were
each and every one of my
emotional seasons—the way
you spoke your words, shocked
us with beauty, stoic grace, in
your— face, fury. A purity within
the glimpse like a three minute rock
song, no matter what shade or mirror
or cracked reflection sung, you had us
at the first breath and as your last chord—
held on, gripping tighter, capturing
us like an unsent lyrical love light
bulb from a satellite. No need to look
above, we were waiting for you, my…

…man. Putting my ears to vinyl, I’m still
spinning, unpeeling slowly, closing my
eyes picking up my invisible axe with
that riff crafted with those three eternal
reverberations. I saw my shadow through
your stereo inclinations; discovering myself
with new imaginations feedback in mono—
I found the reason to keep living—my
vicious little perfect day, European NYC
son. You were my gift. My lyrical injection,
when I was high and even when I felt concrete
low. I’m glad I spent the loneliest— times,
singing along— only with

Adrian Ernesto Cepeda
All Rights Reserved

Sleep well R.I.P. our prince Sweet Lou Reed. We miss you, already!