Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Tres: Day 210
Mon. Sept. 9, 2013

“Thank You (BBC Sessions)”
Led Zeppelin


“♫ And
so today/
my world
it smiles

Named number twenty-nine in Rolling Stone Magazine’s “The 40 Greatest Led Zeppelin Songs of All Time,” where Robert Plant was quoted saying, “Sometimes Zeppelin was gross and very indecent, and sometimes it was delicate and beautiful.” Unlike the familiar version from the end of side one of Led Zeppelin II, this live rendition from 1997’s BBC Sessions CD is a perfect reflection of Jimmy Page, Robert Planet, John Bonham and John Paul Jones collectively sounding beautiful and decadent. Recorded the same year II was released, you can hear Led Zeppelin bringing out the delicateness and more importantly the more passionate side of the band on this very fiery illuminating recording. The highlight is definitely Jimmy Page’s incendiary guitar solo that blows the album version to smithereens.

Originally written as Plant’s paean to his wife Maureen, today I want to dedicate “Thank You” to all of those who have guided, believed and help me achieve my goal of finally getting accepted to graduate school. First of all none of this would’ve been possible without the everlasting love and belief of mi esposa Michelle. My grad school dreams wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Silke Feltz and Dr. Kirsten Ogden who graciously penned the most amazing letters of recommendation ever written. Thanks must go to my parents who have supported me on my starving artist quest to be the best writer I could be. My extended family, friends, poets and writers everywhere, especially Max Magbee, Lisa Balderas and Clement Tsang, thank you for taking your time and giving me the necessary feedback and encouragement when I needed most. Thank You to all the readers and followers of this my Don’t Forget The Songs 365 blog; writing for you every day has given me the strength and confidence to follow my goal and fulfill my destiny of finally making it to graduate school.

Now it’s time to crank up the explosive and vulnerable beauty that is this BBC version of this Led Zeppelin song. So legendary you might just be showing gratitude for my selection of this live rendition of “Thank You;” so, wash away your drops of rain and enjoy this Led Zeppelin song dedicate to all of you as our song of the day!