Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Tres: Day 207
Tues. Sept 3, 2013

“(Wouldn’t It Be Nice) To Live Again”
Dennis Wilson & The Beach Boys


“♫ High
above the
just you
and me

What if I told you that there was the holy grail from The Beach Boys archive that only a few souls have heard, save from Mike Love and the Brothers Wilson’s, that would put Dennis Wilson’s underrated vocal genius into perspective? “(Wouldn’t It Be Nice) To Live Again” is a song so timeless that in Beach Boys specialist Andrew G. Doe would praise it as, “A classic Dennis Wilson composition featuring his best ever vocal – yes, better than “Forever” – and stellar background vocals from his brothers. Totally majestic and it demands to be on the forthcoming box set chronicling the Beach Boys’ extensive career.”

Dennis Wilson’s most famous song finally gets to breathe live thanks to the newly released Beach Boys box set Made in California. In Jon Stebbins’s book The Beach Boys FAQ: All That’s Left To Know About America’s Band, former Beach Boys manager Jack Rieley claimed, “[The] others in the band voiced jealousy of the songs which Dennis sang lead, and were constantly maneuvering to exclude them.” By following Brian’s very desolate “Till I Die,” Dennis originally wanted his “(Wouldn’t It Be Nice) To Live Again” to close 1971’s Surf’s Up LP. Can you imagine if Dennis’s composition was the final song on this epic album? Not only would “(Wouldn’t It Be Nice) To Live Again” end The Beach Boys most famous album of the seventies on a high more positive note but Dennis song would have stolen the spotlight away from Mike Love and his brothers by becoming the definite highlight of Surf’s Up.

Jon Stebbins, author of the book Dennis Wilson: The Real Beach Boy was correct when he told Popmatters, “If the Beach Boys were all championing Dennis Wilson, the stuff would have been out a long time ago. But they don’t see an upside for themselves.” Whatever the reasons, Love and The Brothers Wilson had for keeping Dennis golden composition in the archives, forty years later, The Beach Boys finally realized that Dennis Wilson’s most famous song literally deserved to “live again.”

If you’re not already of the most famous band to ever come from Hawthorne, CA, I guarantee Dennis’ lost treasure of a song will make you a Beach Boys fan. If there’s one Beach Boys song that deserved to see the light of day, finally Dennis got his wish—“(Wouldn’t It Be Nice) To Live Again” finally is shining the genius on the underrated Wilson. Talking about Dennis’ talents as a songwriting, author Peter Ames Carlin said it best in his book, Catch A Wave, when he wrote, “[…] Dennis could write and produce songs that all but rivaled Brian’s for emotional power and grace.” The greatest example of Dennis’ talents definitely is this unreleased jewel from 1971’s Surf’s Up sessions. Get ready to experience the holy grail; Dennis’s voice gets resurrected with his best Beach Boys song ever—so lovely this 1971 outtake “(Wouldn’t It Be Nice)” deserves “To Live Again” and again and again …