Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Tres: Day 201
Fri. Aug 23, 2013

“All Shook Down (Unmixed version)”
The Replacements


“♫ Praises
sing… ♫”

Originally All Shook Down was supposed to be the former ‘Mats singer’s first solo album. Talking about the 1990 Sire/Warner Bros album, Paul was quoted in Jim Walsh’s book The Replacements: All Over But The Shouting, when he said, “In my mind I wanted to be a solo record, but towards the end the band got involved.” Listen again to All Shook Down and it does sound like Westerberg’s first solo record. Maybe he should have left the ‘Mats on the cutting room floor, but it’s obvious that Paul wasn’t ready to leave the Replacements behind.

If the album All Shook Down signaled the end to one of the most beloved American rock ‘n’ roll bands of the nineteen-eighties, this “unmixed version” is a fitting epitaph for The Replacements. This stripped down version originally released on 1997’s All for Nothing/Nothing for All reflects the somber and hung over sound Westerberg was always trying to create since the band’s inception. This poignant acoustic beauty shows the true side of Paul Westerberg—fragile, honest and aching to be imperfectly unplugged.

I’ll always hear All Shook Down as the Paul’s first ‘unofficial’ solo album and this rendition of the title cut reflects Westerberg’s unspoken longing to break free from the legacy of his most infamous band. Relive the quiet passion of Paul Westerberg crooning the last stand of The Replacements. My favorite ‘Mats outtake is worth unearthing, the final piece of the lyrical puzzle signaled the end to one of best bands of 80’s. Paul Westerberg once told Pitchfork, “time may tell that All Shook Down was a breakthrough.” Unbeknownst to Westerberg, alone in the studio, he created that breakthrough within the haunting confines in this “unmixed version” of “All Shook Down.”

The Replacements– “All Shook Down (unmixed version)
[follow the link to hear this vintage ‘Mats outtake]