Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Tres: Day 199
Wed. Aug 21, 2013

“Summer’s Almost Gone”
The Doors


“♫ Where
will we

While growing up in Florida in the early nineteen sixties, what if James Douglas Morrison hadn’t discovered the music of The Wilson Brothers? The Lizard King owes his poetic reincarnation to Brian and The Beach Boys. It’s not hard to believe that the fun in the sun, surfing, girls and freedom of the waves was more than pop songs to Jim; it was a calling that would inspire the future Doors singer to croon the immortal words “The West is the best.” In Stephen Davis’ Jim Morrison: Life, Death, Legend, The Lizard King actually admitted in an interview that it was his love of The Beach Boys sparked his moved to the west coast when he said, “The Beach Boys definitely made me want to come back to California.”

In Chuck Crisafulli’s Moonlight Drive: The Stories Behind Every Doors’ Song, Patricia Kennealy Morrison talked about Jim’s love of all things Brian Wilson and Beach Boys when she reminisced, “Jim thought Brian Wilson was a genius. We had huge fights over that. I said, ‘C’mon he writes about convertibles and surfing! Jim said, ‘No, no—Pet Sounds, Smile—The man is brilliant.’” Morrison knew what he was talking about, Wilson wasn’t just one of Paul McCartney’s favorite composers, you name the artist and The Beach Boys inspired a generation of bands with their music inspired by days and nights living in Southern California.

After discovering, Morrison’s love of the Wilson Brothers, “Summer” sounds like the tenderest ode honoring Brian and The Beach Boys songs that led Jim to Los Angeles to fulfill his destiny to become the poetic lead singer of The Doors. It’s amazing to imagine that The Lizard King wouldn’t have earned his poetic stripes if it wasn’t for the Hawthorne, CA sound of The Wilson Brothers. For all you professors and students heading back to the classroom, we dedicate this Doors song to you. Now that fall is approaching, it’s time to reflect on the months that flew by within the California love song that is “Summer’s Almost Gone.”