Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Tres: Day 196
Fri. Aug 16, 2013

“Thorn in my Pride”
The Black Crowes


“♫ Lover
me with
My favorite part of waking up is seeing my wife resting comfortably beside me in our bed. This morning as soon as my eyes saw her through my first rays of daylight, I heard Chris Robinson’s stirring lyrics “Lover cover me you’re your sleep” of The Black Crowes’ “Thorn in my Pride” in my head. There’s something about Robinson’s celestial refrain that made me grin with optimism today. Not that most of the Black Crowes songs are filled with dread but “Pride” has an aura of soulful hopefulness missing from my other favorite Robinson penned cuts Amorica’s “Cursed Diamond.”

In an interview with Chicago Innerview, Robinson described the mystique of “Thorn in my Pride” when he explained, “The best songs that Rich [Robinson] and I wrote were the ones where emotionally, I had instinctual thing about the piece he was playing. Examples of that would be ‘Thorn in my Pride’ and ‘Cursed Diamond.’ But, when it’s just me I have more focus.”
Both “Pride” and “Diamond” are songs about dealing with personal fears and demons. During my bachelor days, “Diamond” used to be my theme song, thankfully now that I am older, my dreams and hopes are linked with the beautiful aura of “Pride.” I learned from Robinson’s sage lyrical advice like when he said “From the center of the storm, you have been re-born.”

Speaking of being re-born, The Black Crowes actually resurrected “Thorn in my Pride” in 2010’s Croweology. The brothers Robinson gathered their most beloved Black Crowes songs like “Pride” and stripped them down with new acoustic flavored arrangements. “[‘Thorn in my Pride’] is always great for me to play.” Chris said in an interview with Dirty Impound, “We changed the middle section into something new, merging the Brothers of a Feather version and the Crowes version.”

In any incarnation, there’s nothing like waking up to the uplifting rhymes of “Thorn in my Pride.” It’s been a rough two weeks but “Thorn in my Pride” help me put today in perspective. Yes, I may have my bad days but at least I get to wake up to one of the most loving souls in the world. Thank You Chris Robinson, there’s nothing better than waking up from a long golden slumber and seeing my beautiful wife and hearing “Pride’s” eloquent refrain in the early morning light.