Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Tres: Day 189
Thurs. Aug 8, 2013

“Emotional Rescue”
The Rolling Stones


“♫ You
will be
mine/ you
will be

We know that Ian McCulloch was a fan of the Rolling Stones when Mac and the Bunnymen covered The Stones with excellent rendition of “Paint it Black” on Echo’s box set Crystal Days. This past year, Ian slipped in a lyrical ode to Jagger/Richards from his live album Holy Ghosts. You have to really listen for it but towards the end of the ultra-acoustic rendition of “Lips Like Sugar,” McCulloch actually honored The Glimmer Twins by adding some lines from The Stones “Emotional Rescue.” I couldn’t believe it when I heard it. Ian’s singing Mick’s disco inspired rock coda from the title track of The Stones 1980 album Emotional Rescue.

Not the greatest Stones single ever but there’s something about Jagger’s close out coda, my favorite part of “Emotional Rescue” was the same section that Mac decided to briefly cover at the end of “Lips” is the definite highlight of this very groovy disco cut. Jagger explained the genesis of “Emotional Rescue” when he said, “I wrote that on an electric piano in the studio, then Charlie and Woody and I cut it immediately, live. It was all done very quickly. I think the vocals could’ve been better. It’s just one of those recording-studio things. You would NEVER really write a song like that in REAL LIFE. Comes out in the studio, ’cause it’s all ad-libbed, the end part. It was never planned like that…

Most of The Stones most beloved hit songs were unplanned and magically came to life in the studio. Jagger’s seductive falsetto scat singing towards the end of the song is “Emotional Rescue’s” most memorable moment. From Ian MacPherson’s TimeIsOnOurSide.com, Mick talked about the inspiration for “Rescue’s” high pitched lusty vocal when he said, “I learned the trick from Don Covay. I got it from the record Mercy, Mercy where he sings falsetto as a harmony. By the end, I’ve gone off into another more reggae-inspired voice, but at the end of a track.”
A most interest choice for Mac to slipping in some Stones prose at the climax of “Sugar,” ingenious if you ask me. You really have to be a fan of Mick and Keith to recognize this lyrical tribute. Not one of the most popular songs in the Stones canon, “Emotional Rescue” has been known as the dance floor offspring of 1978’s hit disco inspired single “Miss You.” The highlight is hearing Jagger’s lothario like falsetto toward the climax. It never fails after listening to McCulloch’s Holy Ghosts I always have to follow Mac’s 2013 version of “Lips Like Sugar” with this Stones top ten hit from 1980. Jagger must have been inspired by his nights dancing at Studio 54 in NYC, this experimental Stones single was bred from Jagger’s love for late seventies club music. Relive the magic of this underrated Stones dance floor cut that shook the charts in 1980. .” I can’t get this Jagger/Richards single out of my head. I dare you to try not to be moved to not sing and shaking your thing along to Mick’s “Emotional Rescue.”