Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Tres: Day 181
Mon. July 29, 2013

“Monday Morning”


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Most artists write songs about being in love on Friday and fighting on Saturday nights, but not Jarvis Cocker, he penned the anthem for the beginning of the work week, 1995’s “Monday Morning.” Although Different Class is better known for the hit singles “Disco 2000” and “Common People,” “Monday Morning” is the one Pulp song that I play when I wake up after Sunday Night. Jarvis lyrics reflect someone who has second thoughts about the choices they didn’t make in their life. So instead of being depressed, Jarvis penned this huge elaborate post modern rock dance number, with his lusty vocal for the day dreaming cubicle employee speaker in Cocker’s liberating song.

Although Jarvis has never really talked about “Monday Morning,” he added this Different Class cut to his 2011 book Mother Brother Lover: Selected Lyrics. Cocker also thought “Monday Morning” significant enough to showcase this anthem on the final date of their 2012 tour. Before performing “Monday Morning,” Jarvis told the crowd at Coachella, “Tonight is our last show in North America; So, we should go all the way. Let’s not fart around, because who wants to think about a Monday morning after a weekend here.”

While Pulp’s singer rarely has mentioned today’s song, it’s obvious that Jarvis has secret admiration for this anthem cut hidden in 1995’s Different Class album, “Monday Morning” is one of those treasures that you will rediscover in between the familiar hits of “Common People” and “Disco 2000.” Why not celebrate the beginning of the work week with Jarvis Cocker’s anthem? Although we may never convince you that Monday isn’t your least favorite day on the calendar but you never know after a few spins of this hidden gem from Different Class, Pulp might just make you look forward to the groovin’ sounds of “Monday Morning.”