Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Tres: Day 173
Sun. July 21, 2013

“The Songs We Were Singing”
Paul McCartney


“♫ To
the sound/
blue guitars
up in a

On those days, when we were invited to another one of our memorable family gatherings at The Boys house, I knew that a splendid time would be guaranteed for all. The thing I love about going to the Boys house is seeing, talking and laughing with Uncle’s Eric, Brian and Patrick. The Three Amigos, more like brothers-in-arms, always are the best hosts. Traditionally the thought of hanging out with your extended family of in-laws is anything but a fun proposition. Not with The Boys, because even the first time I stepped into Patrick, Brian & Eric’s house, I was immediately considered family.

I still have to say the best times we have at The Boys house is towards the end of the night, when the music gets turned up a little bit louder, the drinks, the smoke and our laughter becomes a little more contagious; this is, my favorite part is when the singing starts. I remember a time when Uncle Eric asked each of us our five favorite songs and he made a playlist and we sat around singing our favorite songs. I believe as we sang together we never were closer as a family. I still recall the smiles and joys on our faces as the songs grew right through us.

Every time I hear “The Songs We Were Singing” it reminds me of the best times at The Boys house when we start singing our songs together. When penning Flaming Pie’s first track, Macca went back and captured a similar moment from his very distant yet memorable past as he explained, “I was remembering the Sixties; sitting around late at night, dossing, smoking pipes, drinking wine… jawing, talking about the cosmic solution. It was what we were all doing… all that “What about… wow!” It’s that time in your life when you got a chance for all that.”

Thoughts today are with Uncle Patrick, Brian, Eric and Mom at The Boys house. I will always be grateful for their hospitality but our family’s taste in music. One thing I can say you usually never leave The Boys house without a song in your head and a smile in your heart. For the good times, a tribute to The Boys and the memories of all “The Songs We Were Singing…” is all I’ll be thinking of tonight.