Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Tres: Day 163
Thurs. July 11, 2013

“Nothing Comes from Nothing”

“♫ Come/
to earth

Peter Doherty had one request, when talking to NME about the Babyshambles new single “Nothing Comes from Nothing,” when the former Libertine pleaded, “Please don’t say ‘Babyshambles are back.” It might seem like we’ve been away for ages, but this band has always been there to me. Every time I look in the mirror I see a Babyshambles tattoo, so it’s like it’s never been away really.”

I know what you’re thinking, who cares if you’re calling this chapter of the resurrection of Babyshambles, a comeback or not, what’s the verdict to Doherty’s latest vinyl excursion, masterpiece or major mistake? The thing I’ve learned about Babyshambles is like their infant name, Pete Doherty and co.’s greatness for crafting Brit pop singles seasons with each effort and “Nothing” is the prime example. Echoing the “Good Old Days” of Albion, “Nothing” features Babyshambles trademark charmingly beguiling back beat that would make Carl Barat his former Libertine partner smile. Doherty described Babyshambles new single to NME like this, “Stephen Street’s mix of “Nothing Comes from Nothing” made me think of Morrissey, and at first I wasn’t too happy about that. But when I heard the final version it actually made me cry.” Don’t weep, Peter, although there are some shades of Morrissey’s Manchester, I agree with bassist Drew McConnell assessment of “Nothing Comes from Nothing” when he said, —“it’s classic ‘shambles.

So I wouldn’t call “Nothing” a comeback single, maybe Peter would appreciate it, if I called Babyshambles new cut, The Single of the Summer 2013. With production help from Stephen Street, with “Nothing Comes from Nothing” Pete and Babyshambles have crafted a Brit pop single at its best with a classic Doherty underdog tinges. Arcadia was missing you. It’s good to have you…were you belong… Give “Nothing” a spin; you may just discover there’s something in the way… this classic ‘shambles will groove you like never before.