Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Tres: Day 151
Sat. June 29, 2013

“Little Willow”
Paul McCartney


“♫ Nothing’s

The day has arrived. After being under the weather all week long, no thanks to my summer cold, today I’m finally going to see my little brother. I wish it was in happier circumstances though because My wife and I are going to my brother’s wife memorial service. Since Carole passed away, I’ve been thinking about this for a few months now, I‘ve been composing a poem for my brother and his now deceased wife. I read a poem that I composed in Chicago when Joe and Carole ere first married in San Antonio. Now wanting to read an inspirational poem at Carole’s memorial service I found solace and inspiration from my fellow Gemini, former Beatle Paul McCartney and his song ‘Little Willow.”

Written as a tribute to Ringo Starr’s former and first wife who dies of cancer, in Bill Harry’s The Paul McCartney Encyclopedia, Macca said this about composing, “Little Willow,” “I wanted to somehow convey how much I thought of her. For her and the kids.” Although Joe and Carole didn’t have children I looked towards the hopeful theme of “Little Willow” trying to shine a light of inspiration to these sad proceedings.

In John Blaney’s Lennon & McCartney: Together Alone, Paul spoke about the sentiment he hoped to convey in “Little Willow” when he said, “The morning I heard the news I couldn’t think of anything else, so I wrote this to convey how much I thought of her. It’s certainly heartfelt and I hope it will help the kids. Instead of writing a letter, I wrote a song.” I’m not a songwriter but like Paul I felt such helplessness that I wanted to pen something to eases my little brother’s pain and honor my former sister-in-law.

Thankfully when I was looking for a source of inspiration, Paul McCartney’s ‘Little Willow” came to mind. “Little Willow” wasn’t just for Ringo’s former love Maureen, who passes away, that same year; Paul also allowed this lovely song to be released on a tribute album for Princess Diana. A perfect song that spared the idea for the perfect hymn for my sister-in-law that passed away. I am hoping my poem will share some light on a time of confusion and darkness a song like “Little Willow.” If you’re looking for a touching Paul McCartney song that will lighten your day with strings and chords of hope; find solace and peaceful understand within the lyrical confines of Paul’s “Little Willow”