Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Tres: Day 136
Fri. June 14, 2013

“Do You Have To Dance All Night?”
Leonard Cohen


“♫ Ooh
tell me
bird of

It’s my birthday and now that I’ve passed forty in my rearview mirror, I remember what Leonard Cohen said about getting older, “I am an old scholar, better-looking now than when I was young. That’s what sitting on your ass does to your face.”But seriously, no one had gracefully aged with such poetic honesty than Leonard Cohen. So for today we have a special treat, I’m sending you to Dr. H Guy’s Heck of a Guy: The Other Leonard Cohen Site, coincidentally the best Leonard Cohen site on the internet; so good that Dr. H Guy has written the only in-depth piece I have ever found on the Best Leonard Cohen Song You (Probably) Have Never Heard—“Do You Have To Dance All Night.”

Let Dr. H Guy introduce you to one of the best Leonard Cohen songs not yet available on CD. In honor of my birthday, and the reason I chose “Do You Have to Dance All Night” is because this rare song has one of my favorite opening Leonard Cohen lyrics of all time—
“♫ I’m Forty-One, the moon is full,
you make love very well.
You touch me like I touch myself,
I like you Mademoiselle
. ♫”

No one does eloquent horniness quite like Leonard Cohen. Cohen magnificently and lyrically tackles the task of attempting, at the age of forty-one, to master his mojo groove during the naked metaphorical dance that is “Do You Have to Dance All Night.” More than just clever euphemisms, “All Night” would have fit perfectly on Death of a Ladies Man; Leonard’s funky little dance number is one of the most sincerely slyly seductive songs Cohen has ever recorded. Intrigued? Then click over to Dr. H Guy’s magnificent site for all the sordidly sinful details about the lusty lyrical fantasies of Leonard Cohen’s “Do You Have to Dance All Night.”

Thank You Dr. H Guy!