Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Tres: Day 126
Tues. June 4, 2013

“Someday Some Morning, Sometime”
Wilco & Billy Bragg


“♫ Someday

I couldn’t believe the words when I re-read them when Jeff Tweedy admitted in Greg Kot’s book, Wilco: Learning How To Die, talking about Mermaid Avenue 2’s “Someday Some Morning, Sometime” when he said, “To me that recording was a piece of the puzzle that led to Yankee Hotel Foxtrot?” How could a loving tender love song originally penned by Woody Guthrie have been the impetus for Wilco’s most successful album?

Was it the moment when Wilco recorded a vibraphone filtered through a space echo that inspired Jeff Tweedy to create the band’s 2001 Pièce de Résistance Yankee Hotel Foxtrot? Later on in Greg Kot’s same book, Tweedy explained his premise for YhF when he said, “I started writing from the viewpoint of America as this imagined space, the America that exists in everyone. There is nothing more abstract to me than the idea of a country. These solitudes exist so far apart from each other in this sea of white noise and informatio n. And the beautiful thing is they keep transmitting to each other in the hope that somebody is going to find them. And the beauty is that people still do, still find some meaning in another person, in a relationship, find some way to communicate.” And wasn’t Woody Guthrie always writing about America? Specifically, “Someday Some Morning, Sometime” is about communication between two separate souls trying to share a moment of peace in a world of white noise. You can see how Guthrie’s idea would influence Jeff Tweedy.

There’s something beautiful about trying to connect, making beautiful music through the noise of inconvenience and instant satisfaction but Jeff Tweedy and Wilco did so taking Woody Guthrie’s original “Someday Some Morning, Sometime” and turning it into a catalyst for the future masterpiece Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. More than just the inspiration for the bands most successful, “Someday Some Morning, Sometime,” remains the treasured jewel and one of the most loving tributes recording during the Mermaid Avenue sessions with Billy Bragg. I like to think Woody would be proud of what Wilco and Jeff Tweedy did with Guthrie’s more intimate ballads. Don’t wait; experience the beautiful spaced out feeling of “Someday Some Morning, Sometime—” today.