Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Tres: Day 112
Tues. May 21, 2013

“Future Starts Slow”
The Kills


“♫ I

If there was ever a reason why I truly love the music, the attitude and carnal fire that is The Kills, guitarist and songwriter Jamie Hince proved it once again when asked about the meaning of Blood Pressures opener, 2011’s “Future Starts Slow,” he said, “It’s obvious isn’t it? The song is about fucking and fighting.”

Although Alison Mosshart is the luscious face and figurehead of The Kills, guitarist Hince just as much of the songs as his lovely singing counterpart. The genius of Hince’s songs is that are perfectly matched for the chanteuse electricity exuded by Alison when bringing The Kills songs to life. Explaining how “Future Starts Slow” magically came to life, Hince said, “With “Future Starts Slow” I didn’t write any of it down, I was just playing it and the words came out of my mouth and not into paper. I don’t normally do that.”

When asked if “Future Starts Slow” was autobiographical, Jamie honestly replied, “I think that every song that everyone writes no matter how abstract…even if it’s “Major Tom” or “Eleanor Rigby” even if the artist is guiding you to see something about a character, there’s always something autobiographical about it. If you write about a character there’s still a bit of you in it.”

Are you shocked to discover The Kills’ “Future Starts Slow” is about “fucking and fighting,” hardly? I do love the fact that Hince compared his “Future” song with Bowie and The Beatles. There is something about “Future Starts Slow,” it’s not only that carnal fire that Alison ignites when she sings there’s a tension always simmering through every Kills song that likes dynamite about to detonate. Hince’s band mate Mosshart describes the dynamic with playing with Jamie like this, “I’ve never been that excited. It’s like, one of the greatest feelings of Earth. Some people fucking hate it, but I don’t. That just immediately hooked me, and then I couldn’t get enough.” I’m hooked and I can’t get enough. If you have a hunger for a soundtrack to your next flesh like fantasy—get turned on with “Future Starts Slow.”