Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Tres: Day 104
Mon. May 13, 2013

“29 Palms”
Robert Plant


“♫ When
I hear
on the

When talking about 1993’s top twenty-five UK single “29 Palms” Robert Plant cryptically and slyly said. “Forget about all the rumors, Everything is true and untrue.” There’ve been rumors that the muse of “29 Palms” is none other than Plant’s former backing singer, Alannah Myles, and vocalist of the luscious 1990 number one hit song “Black Velvet.”

So was “29 Palms” written about Myles? Plant actually admitted not only that “29 Palms” “was written on tour, the last time we were in California” but Robert also confessed that his song was, “my ideal-love-affair-gone-wrong song.” Still no concrete proof but the evidence is in Robert’s lovely love gone wrong song. I woke up this morning crooning Plant’s haunting backing vocals, which reminds me, “29 Palms” is the perfect song for your next road trip playlist. All you need to do is roll down the windows, crank up this Fate of Nations gem and let the timeless beauty of “29 Palms” wash over you.

While not admitting about their love affair, Robert Plant finally said this about Alannah Myles, “We’re good friends. I think the world of her. She’s a great, powerful lady. She has one of the finest voicest of the idiom. She was always very kind to me, very warm-hearted. But the road is the road.” Maybe it doesn’t matter if this Robert Plant gem was written for and about Alannah Myles, at the beginning of the day, what matters most is if we actually connect to Robert’s lost love song.

“29 Palms” actually reminds me of a lost love of 1993. Sometimes, when I hear those opening chords, I can feel the breath of the air from our window rolled down adventures and thanks to Robert Plant’s 1993 single it still feels sonically vivid. I remember I would make her mix tapes, so many mix tapes, that because this Plant song reminded me of her and the day trips we would take together, sharing poems and songs; she actually renamed the collection of mixes I made her after this song. The goal was to make as many mixes as the song title; Unfortunately, we never made it to twenty nine mixes but those road trip memories live on inside the panoramic melodies of Robert Plant’s“29 Palms.”