Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Tres: Day 81
Fri. April 19, 2013

“Some Velvet Morning (feat. Kate Moss)”
Primal Scream


“♫ Learn
from us very
much, look
at us but
do not
♫ ”

The London Telegraph once described Lee Hazelwood’s original anti-pop song “Some Velvet Morning” as “One of the strangest, druggiest, most darkly sexual songs ever written – ambitious, beautiful and unforgettable.” It would make sense that a song from, what the NME eloquently dubbed the American version of Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot, Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra, the most druggiest and tripped out modern day band, this side of The Rolling Stones, Primal Scream would want to cover this sixties classic; lead singer Bobby Gillespie explains why, “It’s a psycho- sexual, psychedelic cowboy song “ and later telling The London Telegraph, “It’s a wind-up. Serge Gainsbourg made records with Brigitte Bardot. I knew her voice would be great, like an innocent little girl but sexy. The image of her, when people hear it and think about her singing it, that’s great pop music.”

The news that Kate Moss was working with was seen more controversial than any outlandish act of excess Primal Scream had committed in the band’s existence. Gillespie defended Moss when he explained why Primal Scream collaborated with the supermodel, when he said, “I don’t understand that. It’s pop music, I think it’s a great idea. Imagine me and Kate Moss on Top Of The Pops, it’d be amazing. It’s total punk rock as well, it’s like fuckin’ Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, that’s the idea. People said the same sort of thing when we got Denise Johnson to sing ‘Don’t Fight It, Feel It’ instead of me, and said we were jumping on some fuckin’ house bandwagon. But you know what? I don’t give a fuck what anybody thinks. It’s going to be a great record. It makes pop music exciting ‘cos it’s so fucking dull just now. There’s no personalities. Kate Moss is more of a rock’n’roll star than anybody in a band just now. She lives more of a rock’n’roll lifestyle. She looks more like a rock’n’roll star. She’s got more attitude. Most of them should be fuckin’ bank managers. She’s just got it. Most people don’t have it. So it’s a great idea.”

Bobby has actually known Moss since age 15 so it wasn’t so strange that Kate sang with Gillespie and Primal Scream. “There was a guitar there so I said I’ll write you a song. She had these diamonds so I said alright I’ll write a song called “I Got the Diamond Blues.” Gillespie penned “Diamond Blues” specifically for Moss. “She’s got a good voice, good timing, and she’s a good dancer If you’re a good dancer then you’ve got timing. Singing’s not about being in tune, it’s about timing. And you need to have the right attitude, you know?” Bobby’s right it’s all about timing and the attitude. You have to connect, good or bad, you need to leave an impression. Attitude is impression that Moss and Gillespie express with their stardom. Although, I believe it’s less about attitude and more of a confidence, that Kate and Bobby exude and some don’t appreciate this at all; so they feel the need the cut down anyone who has the courage to be successful in their own craft or field.

Bobby Gillespie’s last word, when explaining how Primal Scream’s remade “Some Velvet Morning” with Kate Moss, when he told Hot Press, “We gave her a tape of the song and she fucking loved it. Her voice is really European, like a young Nico. She’s into Iggy and classic Rolling Stones like Exile On Main Street…all the good rock ‘n’ roll stuff. Her voice is great. Her timing’s spot on, which probably comes from her being a good dancer.”

Like the electric inspired excess of Primal Scream’s electronic groove, their cover of “Some Velvet Morning” is equally addicting. Even though Slowdive did a very moving shoe gazing rendition of this Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra classic, I prefer the dance floor stirrings of Moss and Gillespie. Like a post modern Serge and Brigitte, this weekend you should loosen up with Kate and Bobby’s take on “Some Velvet Morning” You might lose a little more than your head and your inhibitions while letting go with Primal Scream’s psycho-sexy lust song. Do you dare slip inside this house?

And newly renamed “Disco heater Dub” was originally know as the “Two Lone Swordsman remix.” Either way, a very cool and sexy dub remix of this Lee Hazelwood classic.