Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Tres: Day 61
Thurs. Mar 28, 2013

“Maybe Tomorrow”

“♫ I
wanna breeze
& an open
mind/ I wanna
swim in the
ocean/ wanna
take my time
for me/ all

If you’re ever wondering why “Maybe Tomorrow” was a hit song, all you have to do is watch the cinema vérité like opening of the Stereophonics music video and watch singer Kelly Jones composing his most famous single and you will hear why? It’s that scratchy yet poignant voice that has made Jones voice a favorite of such fans as George Clooney and Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney.

You may recognize “Maybe Tomorrow” from the closing credits of the 2004 Academy Award winning film Crash. More than just a one hit wonder, Kelly Jones talked about his love of songwriting when he told Telegraph UK, “It’s always been about the songs, for me. You can have a two-note melody that can make you cry: it’s as simple as that but it’s also as complicated as that.”

I first discovered Kelly Jones and The Stereophonics when I first moved to Chicago. I remember during my first weeks living in the North Side of the Windy City, no matter what struggles I was facing, everywhere I went on the Red Line, walking to Wrigley Field or going to our favorite bar Sovereign; I never felt alone because during my highest moments in jukeboxes with my wine, my woman—“Maybe Tomorrow” definitely helped me get through the lowest, those mornings when I would walk by Lake Michigan and ponder my as of yet unwritten… sentence of despair. At least, I always had Kelly Jones crooning, his positive thoughts about tomorrow in my ear.

Jones talked about the evolution on his craft that inspired him to write personal songs as “Maybe Tomorrow” when he explained, “The songwriting has changed because as a person you change. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster these last two years, whether it be divorce, sex, drink, drugs, arguments, whatever it might be, I can only write about what I’m experiencing. Life is about making mistakes and learning from them, learning about yourself and becoming a better person. That’s what the title of the album basically means.”

“Maybe Tomorrow” was more than a hit song in the UK, a closing credit soundtrack number at the end of Oscar winning film Crash — to me it’s a lyrical touchstone that I rediscovered today. This Stereophonics now classic number was a song that has always giving me optimism. And now that our family is feeding off this new found sound of hope; “Maybe Tomorrow” is starting to have the most magnificent ring to it. It’s time for a Stereophonics revival. I think we all should spin Kelly Jones near perfect pop song again for the glory of mañana!