Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Tres: Day 30
Sun, Feb 24, 2013

“Dear God Please Help Me”
Marianne Faithfull; Morrissey

2006; 2008

“♫ I am
through Rome
with my
heart on a

Although I adore Italian film composer Ennio Morricone’s luscious score for Morrissey’s 2008 original Ringleaders of the Tormentors incarnation of “Dear God Please Help Me” but Marianne Faithfull’s angelic croon on her eloquent cover on 2008’s Easy Come Easy Go captured my heart yesterday.

Marianne’s candid vocal, interpreting Morrissey’s original lyrical intention with such honest grace and longing, is the reason Faithfull soars in her heartfelt rendition. Marianne talked about why she covered “Dear God Please Help Me” when she said, “I love it! The lyrics rang true because I do believe I have to help seek spiritual help all the time—and it helps. But I really loved the whole song, the anguish and drama – quite amazing. It’s an anarchic song, not conformist in any way, and very sexual. I think Morrissey writes very good songs, I’ve always been a great fan of his work.”

“Dear God Please Help Me” was a triumph lyrically for Morrissey. 2007 was around the time, Moz fell for the romanticism and genuine aura while living in Rome. You could feel the change in Morrissey especially in his very frank lyrical glimpse into a very carnal moment and Moz refused to clarify when he said, “Well, I didn’t really think there was ever something I couldn’t write about, but unless it was a strip of me then I didn’t really want to venture into anything. The song has to be true, otherwise it’s pointless. And it is— it’s very true.”

When pressed further if “Dear God Please Help Me” was writing from his own intimate experience, Morrissey coyly replied, “Many of the great love songs of all time are non-gender specific. Mine are, truthfully, innocent expressions of a somewhat primitive person. This innocence stops you from going any further. If you write in a non-gender specific way, you can be considered to be avoiding the bold truth, or speaking in code, or giving a knowing wink – I understand all of that, naturally. But I don’t think I’d be any less of a conundrum to people if I actually wrote or sang in a deafeningly specific way. As I said earlier, I am simply inexcusably me. It’s best that I say nothing…It’s all down to the ear of the beholder.”
Marianne Faithfull Performs in Concert in Madrid

Marianne must have been listening because just listening to her cover of “Dear God Please Help Me” it feels like Faithfull is lyrically beholden to Morrissey for writing such a romantic carnal classic. “I have heard that Morrissey likes it and I’m terribly glad;” Marianne said in Simon Goddard’s Mozipedia, “It’s a great song, so anarchic and peculiar.”

It wouldn’t be a Morrissey love song if it was a little peculiar. That’s the why we love Moz, he’s usually original and “Dear God Please Help Me” is one of his latter anthems of passionate horniness. Taking a page from Leonard Cohen, Charles Bukowski and Nick Cave Morrissey’s growing old lustfully proud. Marianne proves the non-gender specific genius of Moz’s stirring anthem by showing, she can be equally lyrically aroused by Morrissey’s lascivious genius. Fall in love with Faithfull’s stimulating rendition of “Dear God Please Help Me.”