Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Tres: Day 023
Sun, Feb 17, 2013

Echo & the Bunnymen


“♫ One
day I’ll be
ready/ to
take what
could be
mine/ everything
I’d buried / I lay
out on the
Ian McCulloch
Did you know Ian McCulloch had written the ultimate song of forgiveness over five years before finally recording “Forgiven” for 1997’s Evergreen? Mac explained when he said, “I had ‘Forgiven’ for about six years but I never felt that it was quite right. Maybe I never had the nerve to write the proper song. It’s a confessional kind of song and it makes me feel like a proper songwriter.”

“Forgiven” is one of my top ten favorite songs of all time. Yes, so good in fact that Mac’s guitarist and fellow Echo band mate Will Sergeant once claimed, “Forgiven” was “better than “The Killing Moon.” In some ways, Sergeant is right; “Forgiven” is the lyrical conclusion to the promise of “The Killing Moon.” It’s one of the most poignantly honest songs that Ian McCulloch has ever written for the Bunnymen as Mac said, “It does surprise people when they see a band like the Bunnymen. It’s different, y’know? It’s not just “rock and roll.” On things like “Forgiven” it’s important that you hear that it’s real, y’know? And that matters, when lyrically; it’s possibly the best thing I’ve ever written.”
Echo And The Bunnymen

“Forgiven” is possibly one of the best Echo and the Bunnymen songs you’ve never heard before. Don’t let those heart strings fool you, Ian McCulloch’s tender torch song for his wife Lorraine. Mac once described “Forgiven” as, “Penitence is good for the soul, you know? Not in a Catholic confessional way, but I’ve always had that kind of penitent vibe in my lyrics—[although] there’s some sort of glimmer of hope.” And that’s why I love the closing number of Evergreen, Echo and the Bunnymen don’t do regret, lose yourself within the reflective and hopeful melancholy of Ian McCulloch’s “Forgiven,” instead.
T in the Park - Scotland

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