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Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Tres: Day 012
Mon, Jan 28, 2013

“The Rain Song”
Led Zeppelin


“♫ This is the
mystery of the
quotient/ Upon
us all a little
rain must

Led Zeppelin equals reflective soundtrack moments to me. So many songs are chapters of former and lovers, affairs, friends and lost times spinning somewhere in my lyrical head. There was something familiar as I felt the first few chords by Jimmy Page sprinkle over me whole stuck in traffic on the 110, when “The Rain Song” fell like the raindrops overhead, as Led Zeppelin sang for us, everything stopped, as I tasted her lips and so much more; I remember our grinning like “The Rain Song” we treasured in the rain. Robert Plant said this of capturing the moment during Houses of the Holy when he said, “The Rain Song was just sort of a little infatuation I had. The next morning I’d scribble it out. If I had done it the day after, it would have been no good.”

But it was good; so good that “The Rain Song” was actually inspired by a Beatle. Jimmy Page explained the myth in Brad Tolinski’s new book Light and Shade: Conversations with Jimmy Page, when he said, “George [Harrison] was talking to Bonzo one evening and said, and ‘The problem with you guys is that you never do ballads.’ I said, “I’ll give him a ballad, ‘and I wrote “Rain Song,” which appears on Houses of the Holy. In fact, you’ll notice I even quote [George’s Beatles song] “Something” in the song’s first two chords.”

In honor this lovely George Harrison inspired ballad that was original supposed to be an instrumental but Page’s chords of beauty were splashed with Robert Plant’s poetic lines that birthed the glorious collaborative cloudburst that became Led Zeppelin’s “The Rain Song.” It was Page, Plant, Bonham & Jones’ connection between rhythm, memory and mind that leaves you dripping with reflective glory within the faces, the whispers and everything in between but most of all, how it felt with the music when I heard Jimmy’s first few chords, I remembered why, “The Rain Song” made me feel so grooved me so today.