Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Tres: Day 004
Sun, Jan 20, 2013

“She Talks To Angels”
The Black Crowes


“♫ And the
cross is some
one she has
not met/ not

When I hear the opening chords to “She Talks To Angels” it reminds me of an old high school/co-worker buddy of mine Mike and the way he would try to strum the chords of this vintage Black Crowes song. Poor Mike, when I knew him, he was still a novice and his overpriced Gibson was always out of tune but he would be there for hours, as we’d sit around watching movies, reading music mag’s, trying to be cool music geeks while hanging out while filling up ashtrays with jazz herbal cigarettes. Mike was always trying to grasp his Angel but she always arrived sadly, out of tune.

Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson talked about the girl who inspired “She Talks To Angel” when he explained, ““She Talks To Angel” is about a girl that I kinda new in Atlanta. She was a Goth girl who was into heroin. I wasn’t really friends with her. I made up a story of what it would be like if she was your girl. “She Talks To Angels” was a sincere relationship to a dark subject.”

I remember seeing Mike’s focus as he attempted to play those Black Crowes chords, over and over again; but Mike had this determined face, he never gave up. Every time I would see him, I’d ask, “How’s Angel?” And every time Mike would shrug his shoulders and say, “Not yet, I can feel her but she’s out of reach.” Last night, I spun “She Talks” for the first time in ages and it brought me back to those moments Mike would desperately attempt to being his favorite Black Crowes song to life. I wonder if his “Angel” ever finally arrived, reaching him this time slightly more in tune?