Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Tres: Day 003
Saturday, Jan 19, 2013

“Mrs. Robinson”
The Lemonheads


“♫ Look
around you/ all
you see are
eyes/ stroll
the grounds
until you feel
at home

“Mrs. Robinson” used to be my least favorite Evan Dando related song I had on my 1st I-pod. I loved that little player but there was one bug in the player that drove me mad; the shuffle feature on my first mp3 player was anything but random. Whenever I pressed random it always played the same song, first. Sadly, The Lemonheads cover was that same first song and I had to skip over to the next song because I quickly tired of hearing “Mrs. Robinson,” over and over again.

Somebody else who’s not a fan of his own band’s cover of the Simon & Garfunkel classic, “Mrs. Robinson,” is The Lemonheads front man Evan Dando. Dando would actually prefer it if you followed my lead and skip over “Mrs. Robinson” as Evan explained to The Daily Times, “We were paid $10,000 to do a cover of it for the person who acquired the rights to sell the videocassette, and we did the song because we loved the movie. We literally recorded it in two hours. I learned it from a book, we made up three parts and press record, and we got it on the first time we ever played it all the way through. I was always very careful about my covers, and I was always proud of the songs I covered. I thought that was one of my specialties, doing covers — but I thought that was the worst we ever did. It was the exception that proves the rule.”

Funny thing is that “Mrs. Robinson” is still my favorite Lemonheads cover. I don’t think its Evan Dando’s best recorded song. I believe what made “Mrs. Robinson” a hit was all the things that Evan doesn’t like about it. It was a snapshot enthusiastically raw tribute to one of the most popular folk-pop songs from the sixties. “Mrs. Robinson” is a fun song to sing and I believe that people love singing Paul Simon’s infamous nod to Yankee great Joe DiMaggio.

Yesterday I experienced another song epiphany; I needed to have a taste of The Lemonheads cover of “Mrs. Robinson.” [Editors Note: I can’t really say why, which is probably the reason I started Don’t Forget The Songs 365 to understand why I love these songs that randomly keep popping in my head.] So I’m happy to report The Lemonheads extra track from 1992’s It’s A Shame About Ray is back on my heavy listening rotation. Much to Evan Dando’s chagrin, The Lemonheads’ cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Mrs. Robinson” is now officially off my “done-zo” list.

Evan Dando fans have the 2012 The Lemonheads reunion with Juliana Hatfield on bass and production by Ryan Adams to get excited about. Adams promised the new album would be vintage old school Lemonheads, we shall see. Until then, can you resist a dance with The Lemonheads cover of this American classic, a tribute to film screen most famous female seductress “Mrs. Robinson?”

For you purists, here’s the original by Simon & Garfunkel: