Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 345
Thurs, Dec 27, 2012

“Beautiful Boy [Darling Boy]”
John Lennon


“♫ He’s on
the run/ and
your daddy’s
here/ beautiful,
beautiful, beautiful

We have a new edition to our family and it’s a boy. I received a beautiful boy kitty that I named Woody Gold. I couldn’t help serenading Woody to sleep with John’s lovely Double Fantasy lullaby song for Sean. And just like his Daddy, Woody loves himself some John Lennon.

Did you know that Paul McCartney himself called “Beautiful Boy,” “I think it’s a beautiful song. It’s very moving to me.” Watch Macca tear up while listening to one his favorite Double Fantasy songs:

Sean was the inspiration while recording Double Fantasy. Lennon said he felt guilty being away from his young son as he explained, “All through the making of Double Fantasy, I was guilty. We had [Sean’s] picture pinned in the studio ’cause I didn’t want to lose contact with what I’d got. We had the picture up there all the time in between the speakers so whenever you’re checking the stereo, [Sean] was looking at me all the time.”

Lennon said he wrote, “Beautiful Boy” at home in The Dakota when said, “I was with Sean in the kitchen with the bread. I kept thinking, Well, I ought to be inspired to write about Sean. I was going through a bit of that and when I finally gave up on thinking about writing a song about him, [“Beautiful Boy”] just came to me.”

I know John wrote “Beautiful Boy” for his son Sean, but I love my little kitty as if he came from me. We treat our cats like our children so to me “Beautiful Boy” is the perfect song to introduce Woody Gold to world. Woody is beautiful and he is my boy. I am a proud Papa of a boy kitty. Help me honor John’s touching tribute to his son Sean Lennon. “Beautiful Boy” is one of John’s timeless classics for Lennon fans of all ages.

Here’s the original 2010 remastered version that we all know and love:

And here’s a treat, a special 2010 Stripped Down version from the 2010 Double Fantasy remasters: