Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 339
Fri, Dec 21, 2012

“Angel in the Snow [2009’s An Introduction mix]
Elliott Smith


“♫ Don’t
you know
that I Love

Elliot’s outtake from New Moon, always reminds me of the holiday season? I nominate Smith’s “Angel in the Snow” as a winterlude anthem that needs to shine in song during Christmastime. Elliott fans need to thank tape op & Elliott Smith archivist Larry Crane for unearthing all the unreleased treasures on 2007’s New Moon compilation. Although, the sunny side up early version of “Miss Misery” is a delight, the definite highlight is the rare gem that is “Angel in the Snow.”

Elliott fans if you only own the New Moon version of “Angel in the Snow” you’re missing out on a new and improved 2009 mix by Larry Crane, available on Elliott’s 2009 An Introduction compilation. Crane explained about the update mix when he said, “It is a later mix I did when putting together an instrumental mix for “Up in the Air”. It just sounded clearer to me (I had used an inferior noise reduction process on New Moon PLUS I now have better tape transfers courtesy of Mr Toad’s in SF) and I said, “What the hell, should I use the newer mix?” and Roger Seibel said, “Does it sound better?” and I said, “yes” and he said, “Then use it.“” To give this new version of “Angel in the Snow” would be the perfect X-Mas gift for the Elliott Smith lover in your life.

Speaking of, Christmas reminds of one of my favorite Elliott Smith stories as told by producer Rob Schnapf in Autumn de Wilde’s Elliott Smith book when he said, “Our friend Toby had a great story. Toby was here house-sitting when we went back East for Christmas, and it was just a quiet Christmas day. At some point in the afternoon there was a knock on the door, and it was Elliott. They only knew one another from both being at this house sometimes. But they never hung out. Elliott thought we were home for some reason, so he had come over to hang out for Christmas. So Toby was like, “Well, they went back East, but…I don’t know…do you want, you’re more than welcome to come in.” And Elliott was like, “Okay.” And they ended up hanging out the whole day, talking about movies, music, all this stuff. We might still have that bottle of Booker’s they almost polished off. He was great with strangers.”

But the most poignant reminiscence in de Wilde’s book was made by Elliott’s now former manager Margaret Mittleman who said this about Elliott, “And all the lives he touched, even if it were just one night. Like Toby. They kind of hung out for a little bit after that and never again.” I urge any and all Elliott fans to discover this new 2009 mix of “Angel in the Snow.”

So as you’re gathering around your fireplace, or if you live in So Cal peeps, you’ll probably be in front of the grill barbequing dinner, spin this new mix of “Angel in the Snow.” Bust out your headphones and let’s make this “Angel” a yuletide tradition by “hanging out” with Smith— as we sing “Angel” before the “Snow” beauty of our new favorite winterlude song has melted away again.