Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 323
Tues, Dec 4, 2012

“The Good, The Bad & The Queen”
The Good, The Bad & The Queen


“♫ It’s
the blessed
routine/ for
The Good, The Bad
& The Queen/ just
moving out of
dreams with
no physical
wounds at

Could Damon Albarn be the British Jack White? I say Jack White because of the number of bands he plays in and helps produce. Not only is Albarn the founder of Brit Pop’s Blur, co-creator of Gorillaz and leader of The Good, The Bad & The Queen. Did I mention he also recorded the African flavored Mali Music CD? Eclectically, Albarn has more in common with fellow Brit David Bowie. Damon has inherited Bowie’s creative stamina by diving himself into multiple projects that are successfully critically and commercially is Albarn’s quest for musical enlighten.

Just…. the way he writes, it’s weird [laughs]. The lyrics, the melodies, the way he creates sounds. I would call him a genius. It’s five years I’ve been working with him now, is that not enough for me to know?” Tony Allen once told em> Pitchfork. Allen elaborated further on his thoughts about the brilliance of Damon Albarn when he said, “The guy’s a character. I’ve not concluded one day of working on music with him when he’s said, “Yeah, that’s OK.” He’s always coming back the next day and saying, “Yeah, that was good, but it needs something else.” That’s why I say he’s a genius. Some writers, some composers, their first goal in writing is to be able to say, fantastic, immediately. And that’s supposed to be it. So the quality of their work is always dropping. But Damon, he’s always coming back trying different things. He’s always challenging himself, and it comes out in the music. I like that. I have my own thing going on, and I know how difficult I could be with my own musicians when I’m writing and I may not be satisfied with what happened the first day. So you come back and make it better. That’s his spirit, and I love that.”

I never realized the genuine greatness behind Damon Albarn’s multifaceted genius. Albarn loves music so much as Blur producer once said it best, “Damon and Graham both believe in the power of transcendence through music.” It’s true and Damon has taken his belief to a new level with The Good The Bad and The Queen. Former Verve guitarist talked to Pitchfork about how the foundation like strength of The Good, The Bad & The Queen can be found in Damon’s lyrics when he explained, “Damon has always been such a strong songwriter, and has always written very melodic songs. That’s kind of the main strength in his songwriting– melodies you feel you’ve heard before, but you haven’t. Melody just comes across– you don’t always even need to know what he’s singing, because you can pick up on the melody immediately. It’s a kind of cross-cultural thing, isn’t it? The songs can be simple that way, too.”

The title cut from The Good, the Bad & the Queen is Damon Albarn, Paul Simonon, Simon Tong and Tony Allen creating the soundtrack of London Bridge actually falling down inside the Thames and literally being eviscerated rhythmically before your very ears; this tribute to underground London is not only a musical triumph but an absolute apocalyptic delight.

From the brilliant mind of Damon Albarn comes his musical opus and ode to his hometown of London. More than just a British Jack White, Albarn’s involvement in these creative rhythmic endeavors are more than side projects from Albarn. Damon described the passion for his London based muse a.k.a. The Good, The Bad & The Queen project when he said, “I love stuff about my city– doesn’t anyone? Great literature, great art, about your city, it’s fantastic. You can create your own paradise–not completely, but words and music can really help with that. That’s why we do what we do.” ’nuff said, I urge you to experience London through the underground dark vintage sound that is The Good The Bad & The Queen.

Watch this killer live version of The Good, The Bad & The Queen:

And here’s the epic original of The Good, The Bad & The Queen.