Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 315
Mon, Nov 26, 2012

“Moon [Ridu remix]”


“♫ As
the lukewarm
hands of the
gods/ came
down and gently
picked my adrenalin
pearls/ they placed
them in their mouths
and rinsed all the
fear out

I must be scratching more gray hairs because it’s been ages since I’ve heard an electronic remix that didn’t give me an annoying headache. And this coming from a former electronic club music connoisseur of ambient, jungle, deep house, XL recordings, mash-ups and anything in between; but even as those DJ nights have long rolled on, something happened in the midst of my Björk listening renaissance— I discovered DJ Ridu remixing Björk’s 2011 Biophilia LP.

DJ Ridu has definitely mastered the art of the remix, most DJ leave their unfortunate sound stamp when commissioned to do remixes; Ridu is different, he molds his mixes to the artist.

Ridu transforms Björk’s sparse naturalistic tomes into imaginative soundtracks to French illusionist and filmmaker Georges Méliès [watch Martin Scorsese’s Hugo] come to life. While layering intricate beats with Björk’s trademark angelic croons Ridu creates makes it sound like the moon is soaring, shining glowing smiles in the midnight skies.

Making history as our first interview, presenting our first installment of:
Don’t Forget The Songs Three-Sixty-5 Questions withDJ Ridu

1. What song(s) and/or artist(s) inspired you to become a remixer?
I think the mixes Matthew Herbert did for Bjork really started my obsession with remixes. I used to think they were only generic-four-on-the-floor things, but his remix of ‘Pagan Poetry’ really blew me away. It was such an awesome way to revisit this track, furthermore pushing the dark side of it. The remix/cover Chilly Gonzales made of Daft Punk’s ”Too Long” is another example of what pushed me to do remixes.

2. When did you first discover Bjork and her music?
I was 13, fooling around in a library where we could rent CDs for a week (yes we were doing this in 2003!). I was browsing various CDs when I saw that really weird album cover that was kind of creepy yet abnormally attracting. I rented it (“it” also means ‘Homogenic’ in this case) for the cover only and the rest really changed my musical life.

3. Why did you choose to remix Björk’s Biophilia?
I think it’s just a habit, or more like a challenge to myself. The Biophilia were really interesting to remix, with all the tempo/rhythm changes.

4. Seriously your “Moon” remix is the best remix I have heard in years. When will your remix of Biophilia be available for me to purchase?
Thanks for the kind words about the mix! I don’t think my Bjork remixes will ever be on sale, unless her label (One Little Indian) officially put them on sale. Unless they contact me, they will remain free to download.

5. What’s next for you? Any songs/artists you would love to remix?
I’m currently finishing a mix for the Montreal-based artist ZhoZho Blue and I’ll try to master another Bjork remix in December. Except that I’m always open to suggestions.

I wouldn’t suggest DJ Ridu to change a thing. Bjork once said what inspired her to keep attempting to craft sounds and voices with electronic music because, “I had just gotten my first laptop, and it was very much about the static universe of the internet, and all the beats clicking and everything whispered.” DJ Ridu must have been listening because he took his electronic muse, Bjork and crafted Biophilia in the most illuminating remixed canvas that’s literally a masterpiece in recreation. Thank You for sculpting one of the best remixes I have heard in years. I urge you to discover the remixing genius that is DJ Ridu:


And if your curious, here’s Björk’s original video for “Moon.”