Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 313
Sat, Nov 24, 2012

“Cocoon [live at The Royal Opera House]”


“♫ Who
would have
known/ A
beauty this
immense/ who
would have

You know what I love best about my rediscovery inside the body of Björk’s work is that she make’s me appreciate every intimate complexity of my mysterious wife. I realize not every woman is the same, granted but I feel like listening to Bjork is a guide book to every nuance of the way the mind of an intelligent beguiling lady works. And there’s none more fascinating a woman then my wife. Vespertine’s “Cocoon” reminds me of an afternoon we shared together. It was as if we lived every breath and beat of Björk’s intimate vocal. If you love this sensual song you must take a trip inside the seductive world of Vespertine. Bjork explained how the idea of “Cocoon” influenced her philosophy behind the themes of Vespertine as Bjork explained, “For the first time of my life, I wanted to create a paradise on this album. This record is all about making a cocoon, a paradise to escape to. You couldn’t take this cocoon anywhere, but you still believe in the right for it to exist.”

It was no coincidence that “Cocoon” was the last track Björk finished for Vespertine. You could imagine it was quite the challenging trying to bring the very sultry “Cocoon” to life from her page. Björk described the difficulty of lyrically crafting “Cocoon” when she said in Björk: Warm & Flutter, “It took me a while to work on that one, but the emotional heart of the record was still not there. I had to keep away from the personal stuff for a reason. I just didn’t want anyone to know. I wanted it for myself. The lyric to “Cocoon” was a whole diary, then I had to edit 90 percent of it out. When I read it and the other person it’s about reads it, we don’t feel used or anything. I guess a part of me wanted to be truthful about what it is that really drives me. And maybe give back to the place that was nourishing me.”

What I love about “Cocoon” is the same thing I love about watching one of my favorite shows Parks and Recreation. When two of the main characters want to get private with their partners, they immediate ask not to have sex but if they lovingly— want to make out. It’s really sweet and sensual. You see anybody can perform the act but it takes emotion to feel the fire. Björk delicately dances in that fire if intimacy that most married couple’s translate with their own tongues. That’s the glorious thing about inspiration, you don’t know where she’s going to spark you have to embrace her before she fades out like vinyl kiss flickering back into static darkness.

Although the album version “Cocoon” was a Top 40 UK single, I prefer the very emotionally stimulating live version recorded at the Royal Opera House in London. I think Mark Pytlik said it best, when describing this incredible live rendition of “Cocoon” in his book, Björk: Warm & Flutter when he wrote, “Every night, during “Cocoon,” [Martin] Schmidt [one half of the San Francisco based electronic music duo Matmos] would generate static by sensuously rubbing a small microphone along [his partner’s Drew] Daniel’s neck and head,. The sight of the two of them, lovers as well as band mates, generating delicate sounds from such tender interplay—it was, in one fall swoop, everything that [Björk’s] Vespertine was about.” Discover the secret place where true love’s soundscapes ripple and Björk’s “Cocoon” begins. Open wide and let her in.

Here’s my favorite, Björk’s live rendition of “Cocoon” at the Royal Opera House in London.

And here’s the original video: