Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 312
Thurs, Nov 22, 2012

“She Brings Me The Music”
Richard Ashcroft


“♫ She brings
me the music/
and I am slowly
falling in her
grace/ Man,
she don’t prove
it/ she just walks
in a room/ you
just see her

Today, we’re going back to former Verve front man Richard Ashcroft and his unheralded 2010 The United Nations of Sound project. If you’re confused why Richard was going for a more global inspired rhythm, Ashcroft talked about the idea behind his United Nations of Sound when he said, “I would like to create a band or an idea where you kind of had your passport stamped once you’re in the United Nations of Sound, so No I.D. and a couple of other people would suggest, ‘we know a guitarist, he’s in town,’ and I’d be like, ‘yeah, but what’s he like? Does he really understand where we’re coming from here?’ ‘Don’t worry, it’ll be fine. It’ll be fine, it’d be cool.’ So as soon as the guy plays his first few notes and I realize, yeah, he’s totally on it, you know, I use to say ‘welcome to the United Nations of Sound, where’s your passport?’ We stamp it. But you weren’t allowed to have your passport stamped if you’d made anything in the new soul category. There’s a few genres that you weren’t allowed to come into the United Nations of Sound, because we talked about that. Soul is soul, rock n’ roll is rock n’ roll, and there is no new soul, there’s no old soul. You either got soul or you ain’t. So that was the kind of discussions that we were having. It’s kind of Sgt. Pepper-type thing, you know. Fantasy kind of band. But they are real people.”

I love the idea and kudos to Ashcroft for mocking his most infamous “Bitter Sweet Symphony” video when he sings, “♫ Just walking the street/ what do I find? People walking in the wrong way. ♫” It’s fitting with his fourth solo effort since 2000’s Alone with Everybody; Ashcroft has never been one to rest on the laurels of his success with the Verve. I love the fact with 2002’s Human Conditions, 2006’s Keys to the World and 2010’s United Nations of Sound, that Richard is always reaching to surpass the shoulders of the giants like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones that inspired him to create this global epic.

Richard’s 21st Century Sgt. Pepper, The United Nations of Sound, may not surpass The Beatles but it does contain one of the loveliest songs Ashcroft has ever written. Richard describes how his wife inspired “She Brings Me The Music” when he said, “I wrote it for her. She brings me the music. My wife is the most important person, other than my children obviously, in my life and has been a great inspiration to me. In a way, I was a bit of a caveman when I met her. It’s an ongoing process. It’s going to take a long time. I’m not fully out of the cave, you know. I’m still prone to go out and bash a few elks and get the fire going with my loincloth on! But she introduced me to a lot of good things, and she’s also dealt with the kind of shit that you get if you’re married or in a relationship with someone, I’ve got great respect for her.”

Today I am dedicating, “She Brings Me The Music” to my own wife. Ashcroft’s United Nations of Sound love song is so universal it sounds like Richard wrote this with my wife in mind. My wife works so hard, puts up being married to this complex & moody Gemini poet and she literally brings me the music, every moment of every day.

Thank You, Richard Ashcroft for showing this poet that you can be creative, productive and still married to an amazingly patient and lovingly devoted woman. I don’t know what I’d do without you baby, this song, not as beautiful as you, but still I dedicate “She Brings Me The Music” to the spirit of all I Love about You. Te Amo, Baby!