Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 311
Wed, Nov 21, 2012

“Goodnight, Bad Morning”
The Kills


“♫ Like
a lost idea
under light bulb
sun/ Your eyes
are ready for take
off/ melt in your
head/ what a
beautiful state we
are in

For those worried thoughts in the middle of the night, that came you up, tired and sleepless all day comes the perfect soundtrack from you. “Goodnight, Bad Morning” by The Kills.

Although best known for their electric seduction riffs, The Kills sound is deepened with their acoustic vibe like one of my favorite songs from The Kills, “Gypsy Death and You,” “Goodnight, Bad Morning” proves that when guitarist Jamie Hince straps on his six string and vocalist croons her low cut croons, you know The Kills are going to strum some classic lush flavored blues that’s going to melt your broken heart today.

Hince, The Kills guitarist discussed how songs like “Goodnight, Bad Morning” from were the catalyst for a more intrinsic acoustic sound while recording 2008’s Midnight Boom when he said, “We started at home – the HQ – way back in January 2006 and we were just coming out with folk songs. I was spending a lot of time trying to find my feet – some thread to start the whole thing off – and we weren’t really finding it. I was panicking about it but she was quite relaxed. I was like, ‘This is just not happening – we’re just coming up with gentle, acoustic songs.’ Then suddenly it dawned on me that that was how we started the band – with no sense of what we were going to be or how we were going to sound… It just fell out. And that’s when I realized it was going to be a long journey. What we were left with were just the influences that were in our blood – like The Velvet Underground and ESG – stuff that we cannot shake.”

That same V.U. vibe inspired my favorite cut from Midnight Boom, the very quiet yet nocturnal “Goodnight Bad Morning.” Alison Mosshart told The Sun in 2008 how this Lou Reed inspired beauty came to light when she explained, “That’s basically how we write most songs. A lot of them start with just an acoustic guitar and a vocal. We have a million tracks that never move on from that. We kept ‘Goodnight Bad Morning’ in its original form ‘cos it felt perfect to us. That was an easy one, an ode to The Velvet Underground. Why not?

Written after Mosshart had been awake without sleep for days, in that moment between slumber and consciousness is how Alison penned this now Kills classic. “Goodnight Bad Morning” is a quiet anthem for you to spin after suffering one of those days. Don’t despair, all you have to do is: dim the lights, spark some candles and burn incense, slide on your headphones, turn it up and let Alison Mosshart soothe your worried blues away.