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Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 305
Wed, Nov 14, 2012

“Let Forever Be”
The Chemical Brothers. featuring Noel Gallagher


“♫ How
does it feel
like/ to
let forever
? ♫”

The Chemical Brothers called their psychedelic sequel to 1997’s “Setting Sun,” “It’s more emotional and probably the most human-sounding computer music that we’ve done,” Tom Rowlands said. “Organic electronics, we like to call it.” That’s how Ed Simons his partner behind the decks dubbed “Let Forever Be.”

It must have been the fact that The Beatles filed suit against The Chemical Brothers for their hit single “Setting Sun” that Tom and Ed attempted to surpass the electric genius of their first collaboration on 1996’s Dig Your Own Hole. I actually believe “Let Forever Be” is a better and more complete song than “Setting Sun.” While, “Sun” is more of a Chemical Brothers idea of a Beatles song, three years later, Tom and Ed created a track that still has shades of a Fab Four feel, but this is not another Beatles tribute, far from it; 1999’s “Let Forever Be” has more flavor of their trademark post modern Chemical Brother aesthetic.

Noel Gallagher’s only complaint to Tom and Ed is that they never asked him to be in either videos for “Setting Sun” or “Let Forever Be.” Noel explained how “Let Forever Be” came to light when he said, “Tom gave me a cassette, another one, it was pretty much finished apart for the vocals and to be quite honest I think it’s better as an instrumental. Ed said it sounded better with my vocals yet they didn’t let me be in that video either. I thought the video was mega.

Why did The Chemical Brothers select Michel Gondry to direct “Let Forever Be” Tom Rowlands explained when he said, “You know to work with someone like Michel Gondry when we were talking about “Let Forever Be” on the phone I had some vague idea, like a modern psychedelic video and not having paisley patterns like a sixties idea of a psychedelic thing. And for Michel to go away and imagine this whole world from the music is really inspiring.

How mega was the video? Time Magazine actually named “Let Forever Be,” One of the 30 All-Time Best Videos of All Time. This is all because Tom and Ed chose video director Michel Gondry. This was before Gondry directed Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Be Kind Rewind. You could say it was on the genius of “Let Forever Be” that gave Gondry the respect and notoriety to spread his otherworldly talents in Hollywood. Director Michel Gondry said this about directing “Let Forever Be,” “Maybe you can come up with ideas on drugs, but to execute them is something else entirely. I think it’s easy to have nice ideas, but it’s something else to make them exist in the real world.”

Noel Gallagher’s lyrics made “Forever Be” a top ten hit in the UK and cracked the Top 30 in The USA. “Let Forever Be” became the private psychedelic reel The Chemical Brothers always wanted, brought to life with the tripped out visuals of one Michael Gondry. There’s nothing left to say than enjoy this mind free drug trip so masterfully directed by Gondry. Turn on, tune in and Let Forever Be!