Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 279
Wednesday, Oct 17, 2012

“Golden Slumbers/The End”
KD Lang


“♫ Sleep
pretty darling/
do not cry/ &
I will sing a

Something jaw dropping happened again yesterday when I went was waiting in line to pay at our local produce market. The music in store was playing “And I Love Her,” my cashier says to his co-worker, “this is my favorite Beatles song.” The co-worker turns around and with this horrible look and says to my cashier’s face, “I hate The Beatles.” My cashier and I looked at each other as if to say, how is this possible? I’ve never in my life met so many music fans who dislike The Beatles since I moved out here to California. How can anyone hate The Beatles? Admitting you dislike The Beatles is like saying you hate Jesus in the deep south. If you really hate and believe that The Beatles were that insignificant I urge you to burn your record collection because ninety percent of those artists of any genre from hip hop, jazz, country, gospel and rock were, and are still, all influenced by the Fab Four.

KD Lang is one modern artist who’s not only has been inspired by The Fab Four, she’s one of the few living country legends, joining Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, who can say they’ve sung with Beatle Paul McCartney. KD shared the stage with Paul and Linda at the 1993 Earth Day Show at The Hollywood Bowl.

KD Lang is not just a legend for singing with Paul McCartney; she has distinction of being the artist who has record one of the best cover versions of any Beatles song. That’s right I said it, you read right. This rendition of “Golden Slumbers” is so good, it’s my favorite Beatles cover, ever! “Golden Slumbers” is such a beautiful and unique version that when I hear someone say they hate the Fab Four, they’re not just dissing John, Paul, George and Ringo—you’re also hating KD Lang and her brilliant interpretation of Abbey Road’s “Golden Slumbers.” My advice, before making up your mind of what you think of The Beatles, I implore you to press play and listen to this lovely rendition of “Golden Slumbers.” Even die hard Fab Four fanatics will be amazed; KD Lang’s beautifully crooned cover of “Golden Slumbers” is proof positive in the brilliance of The Beatles.