Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 270
Tuesday, Oct 09, 2012

“Song to Bobby”
Cat Power


“♫ Can
you tell me
who were
you singing

You can tell Chan Marshall loves herself some Bob Dylan, when asked about the subject of “Song to Bobby,” means to her, Cat Power responded by saying “Who, you mean God Dylan? I’m not sure how to put it in words. But I kinda just did.” Like Sinead O’Connor, more than a fascination, Dylan is the reason both sirens, Chan and Sinead, are such lyrical icons. Dylan was the inspiration on one of the few original numbers on Cat Power’s 2008 Jukebox, LP.

Yeah, I had a notebook in front of me, because I was just riffing. And we did, I guess, two takes. And then I got to meet him.” Cat Power replied; further explaining how she composed her tribute, “Song to Bobby” from 2008’s Jukebox, Marshall said “Yes, a week before I wrote “Song to Bobby.” That’s why I wrote the song. Closed my laptop when I got the email. Judah Bauer was sitting there playing “Buckets of Rain” and I was responding to an email about meeting Bob Dylan in Paris seven days later at a show. [We were in] Miami during the recording of Jukebox. And I closed my computer and I said, “I’m meeting Bob in a fuckin’ week.” And that’s when I said to Stuart [Sikes, Marshall’s engineer], “Give me that mic and can you start rolling?

Just like that. Man, that’s love and devotion. I did see Cat Power perform “Song to Bobby” with such honest affection, we could tell as Marshall sang, her lyrics became a love letter on her favorite word man— Bob Dylan. An ode from one American original to another, Chan Marshall’s heartfelt, two take masterpiece…”Song to Bobby” is definitely one for the ages.