Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 262
Monday, Oct. 01, 2012

Guns N’ Roses


“♫ All we
need is
just a little

“Patience” has to be my favorite all time G ‘n R song of all time. I remember when I was working at that mall record store, I popped in my Cassingle, remember those?, of “Patience” attempting to recreate the Axl Roses shuffle, just like the way he would gyrate side to side in the video for “Patience.” I could never get it right. “Patience” was something I never had. I am and have always been one the most impatient people on the planet. It’s one of my faults that have failed me most in my relationships. I remember one, Lucie was from So Cal, and we fell for each other in Chicago and began a long distant relationship. Every morning I would wake up, because of the West Coast time difference, and leave Lucie little off key crooning voice mail messages from my favorite songs to show how I felt about her. “Patience” was one of the first songs I sung to Lucie. I did this every day before I flew out of Chicago to be with her.

Unbeknownst to most, “Patience” actually began as a Izzy Stradlin acoustic number that Rose actually magically made up words to, as bassist Duff McKagen explained, “Axl came up with a great lyric, seemingly out of nowhere, that of course became the story and melody of that song.” What I love best about “Patience’ it’s such an intimate recording that sounds like we’re eavesdropping on an actual Guns N’ Roses recording session. At times it feels like Rose is whispering the lyrics; words that soon became reflections of my own impatient love life.

It now feels ironic that Axl wrote this song about failed relationships because “Patience” mirrored our fizzled love affair. And there’s a lesson here for lovers of all ages. Lucie and I were in such a hurry and that was the problem. We wanted our storybook romance to go from the introduction straight to the happy ending. What we failed to realize was that the middle part, the hard work and foundation, is the best part of any relationship. It’s kind of having a song with only versus and no chorus. We were missing harmony and because of this, our love fizzled into a messy affair that ended very badly.

Well, looking back, I really have no regrets, in fact; maybe impatience is my sort of virtue; if I hadn’t been so impulsive would I be married to my beautiful wife right now? Even now, I think I’m more tolerant than I’ve ever been in my life and I still lean towards having impatience. Still, “Patience” will always be my goal and my favorite Guns N’ Roses song. “Patience” reminds me of my younger more reckless self who put his heart on the line, many a time, and even though I lost and it hurt, I still found the patience to find my way to the one who finally wooed my worried heart. No matter what happen in the past, “Patience” makes me smile because I’m still trying to perfect my infamous impression of Axl Rose’s shuffle, care to join me? All you have to do is press play and sway side to side by letting “Patience” exhale and sing your troubles away.