Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 249
Tuesday Sept 18, 2012

Paul McCartney


“♫ How come
no one older
than me/ ever
seems to understand
the things I wanna
to do?
♫ ”

This slice of raga-pop sweetness was actually the B-side of Paul McCartney and Wings most controversial single “Hi Hi Hi.” Radio programmers refused to play the A-side with scandalous lyrics as “♫ I’m gonna do it to you, gonna do ya sweet banana ♫” and “♫ I want you to lie on the bed/ get you ready for my polygon. ♫” You can see why DJ’s played the more charming flip-side; besides “C-Moon” is simply the better and more joyous love song.

It was no coincidence, Paul and Linda spent a lot of their time in the early seventies visiting Jamaica, buying up 7 inch reggae singles and shipping them back to the UK. The musical vibes from the island inspired Wings to pen this groovy little tune. Unbeknownst to most Macca and Wings reggae-esque pop sound were rock music pioneers. According to the new book Still The Greatest: The Essential Songs of The Beatles’ Solo Careers, author Andrew Grant Jackson wrote, “To further underscore his cool cred, “C-Moon” was reggae in the same year reggae broke in the West. Jimmy Cliff’s feature film The Harder They Come was produced, and Johnny Nash had a hit with Bob Marley’s “Stir It Up.” It was a year before The Stones went to Jamaica to record Goat’s Head Soup and Zeppelin did “D’yer Mak’er,” and two years before Clapton’s “I Shot The Sherriff” further introduced Marley to the West.”

Sing along with Macca’s flub up, my favorite part of “C-Moon” was when Paul says, “Was that the intro I should have been in?” One of the most infamous mistakes turned into one of the most famous clever lines by a solo Beatles. It never fails to inspire a chuckle. Wondering how Macca came up for the idea of C-Moon? Paul explained to Sounds magazine when he said, “There’s a line in [Wooly Bully] that says, ‘Let’s not be L7.’ Well, L7, it was explained at the time, means a square—put L and 7 together and you get a square… So I thought of the idea of putting a C and a moon together (a half-moon) to get the opposite of a square. So ‘C Moon’ means cool, in other words.”

So get your raga pop groove on with this timeless simple little pop number. Inspired by the sounds of Jamaica, Wings hit song was forerunner in the rock/reggae cross over sound that would be heard on the radio throughout the 70’s. One of the best B-side’s turned hit single, let “C-Moon” shine over your blue skies today.