Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 245
Friday Sept 14, 2012

“Piano Song”


“♫ What hurts
me most/ I’ll never
see your eyes
♫ ”

Recently, New Music Express [NME] had a spotlight on The 50 Beautifully Sad Songs of All Time. Of course, with lists like this there’s always going to be debate on which song should be included. One of the saddest songs that I’ve been spinning recently that’s been helping me mourn the loss of our feline friend is 1989’s Erasure’s “Piano Song.” Yes, you read right, Erasure. Growing up, in my house, my older hermano always played me and we listened to all kinds of Euro-Electro-Pop like Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys but in the late 80’s, his favorite was Erasure. I could never understand, until now twenty years later, why “Piano Song” was one of his favorite songs. Besides writing and singing a tribute to Roy Orbison with “Blue Savannah,” on Wild, “Piano Song” is Andy Bell’s vocal triumph.

“Piano Song” is one of the least electronic pop songs on 1989’s Wild. “Piano” flows in poignant majesty with just Vince Clarke on piano and Andy Bell on vocals. “Piano” not only connects with some of the best lyrics that Andy has ever written, this song is a mournful yet beautiful piece that shows Erasure is more than just an electro pop band. “Piano” actually showcases the depth in the vocal range of singer Andy Bell. Speaking of his singing voice Bell once said, “I like my voice and like singing as a means to make peace with people and make people feel good. But you never want to rest on your laurels being a singer, you always want to be stretching yourself – like with any kind of exercise. The deeper you dig the more comes out.”

With, “Piano” Andy digs so deep inside that Bell take’s his own torch song to new levels. Even though Andy Bell once claimed to wished he’d written “Nothing Compares 2 U” but with “Piano” he surpasses Prince’s penned and Sinead’s sung classic. “Piano Song” is definitely one of the most underrated songs in all Erasures dynamic pop catalog. NME needs to add Erasure’s “Piano Song” to their 50 Most Beautifully Sad Songs of All Time. Unheralded because of their electro-pop musings, “Piano” is one of the ages. If you’re feeling loss, lonely and lustful, let Andy Bell and Vince Clarke’s “Piano Song” reflect your inner blues today.

Erasure remade “Piano Song,” on 2006’s Union Street, as a country tinged number. Although I prefer the powerful piano based version, this acoustic version is equally moving.