Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 240
Sun. Sept 9, 2012

“Sunday Sun”


“♫ Haven’t got
a lot to learn/ and
my eyes, they stray
again/ looking for a
satellite/ in the rays
of Heaven again

I woke up today and it felt like a Beck’s “Sunday Sun” L.A. kind of day. Native Angelino, Beck once said taking about his home the City of Angels, “I guess there’s always been a plastic quality to LA. But it’s always had something underneath it. I find myself writing songs questioning where this is all going.”

I’ve been spinning “Sunday Sun” recently and it’s the most surprising track on Sea Change. It’s a serious yet hopeful song and keeps Sea Change from being a complete desperation masterpiece. Beck explained on how the mindset when he wrote and recorded Sea Change, “ Looking back, there are maybe certain points where I went for something goofy or playful where maybe I originally intended to say something more thoughtful. But now I’m a little more willing or able to find the value in saying something simple, not having to put something clever in there all the time. And that was a real discipline with Sea Change. It was really needed.”

Beck is like an American David Bowie. You can never tell what Beck is going to do next. He keeps is audience of Beck-heads waiting for his next move. Hansen talked about his work ethic when he said, “What am I good at? Persistence. I work on something until it turns into something. I won’t give up on it. I have a pretty strong work ethic. I don’t know if that gives me an advantage over other people but it’s what it takes me to do what I do.”

Beck is the King of Persistence. Hansen’s a musical chameleon who uses a canvas of different sound colors to project different shades of his eclectic personality. Beck is cryptic but illuminates with his reflective lyrics. Sea Change is rumored to be about disintegration of Beck’s relationship. What do you think “Sunday Sun” is about? Beck talked about his method of songwriting when he explained, “It’s like a conversation with another person, it’s not scripted. There are times when I go up on the mic when it is just stream-of-consciousness because I don’t know what’s coming next, but anyone who writes has to have some kernel of an agenda or plan. But we’re all ultimately talking out of our necks. We’re all making it up as we go along. I don’t really write things based on books or anything else,” he says. “They’re movies I make up in my head.”

If you took The Beach Boys, Pink Floyd, Radiohead and put them into a music blender, the result would be “Sunday Sun.” What kind of movie do you think Beck was imagining in his lyrical head? Create your own personal sonic journey by taking a glimpse inside Beck’s “Sunday Sun,” enjoy the trip.