Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 235
Tues. Sept 4, 2012

“Blue Moon Revisited [Song for Elvis]”
Cowboy Junkies


“♫ I only
want to say/ that if
there is a way/ I want
my baby back with
me/ cause [s]he’s my
true love/ my only
one don’t you
? ♫”

For critics and music enthusiasts when it comes to “Blue Moon,” the only true rendition it begins and ends with Presley. Elvis’ version is King. Margo and Michael Timmins being bluesy, country music connoisseurs decided to blend “Blue Moon” into a tender tribute to Presley on their lovely 1988 album The Trinity Sessions.

I was in high school when Trinity Sessions first came out. Their deliciously soft cover “Sweet Jane” was the song that first hooked me on the Junkies. But it was “Blue Moon Revisited [Song for Elvis]” that made me fall in love with the music of Margo and her Cowboy brethren. Recorded in Toronto, Canada church, the first thing you notice about The Trinity is how quiet these Sessions sound. So intimate it sounds like you’re eavesdropping on a Cowboy Junkies studio take. I love the universal themes through Trinity. You don’t have to be Canadian, a cowboy, church going or country music fan to love the Junkies. So how did Margo, Michael and her band mates connect with such relaxingly familiar sound? Michael explained when he told Rolling Stone Magazine in 1989, “The root of both music’s comes from the same American experience. Blues is black, country’s white, and yet they come from the same sort of feelings. It’s a poor, rural experience. It doesn’t make a difference where you come from. If you strip away all the bullshit and the pretense, we all relate to the same basic emotions.”

You feel it, all the emotions, soaking throughout The Trinity Sessions and “Blue Moon Revisited [Song for Elvis]” is the touchstone of the album. It’s more than a tribute to The King, We’ve all been broken by heartbreak, The Cowboy’s reimaging of “Blue Moon” is a lament to loss that anyone can easily relate to. Margo Timmins sings how we feel, how we ache, all the emotions that make all of us real come to life in “Blue Moon Revisited.”

Elvis’ rendition may have been king but The Cowboy Junkies version is a lyrical ode honoring the passing of his royal highness Elvis Aaron Presley. Revisit the holy music Trinity Sessions of 1988 and you will discover a new light of blues courtesy of Margo, Michael Timmins and The Cowboy Junkies. So beautiful, the sound of their “Blue Moon Revisited” is impossible to resist.