Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 230
Thurs. Aug 30, 2012

“Slow Down”
The Beatles


“♫ Baby, now
you’re moving
way too fast

Slowly but surely, every day I am listening to a little more music, it’s difficult when just any stray refrain of lyrics reminds me of our deceased furry friend. But I did find this vintage beauty, one of my favorite Beatles covers because it reminds me of my beloved Beatles cartoons. Remember those? My brothers and I would watch The Beatles cartoons and then spin the song that was the theme from each episode, right after the end of the show. The “Slow Down” episode is a cartoon Spaghetti Western-esque; the mayor renames the town Ringo Ravine. This still makes me laugh.

Did you know that “Slow Down” was written by New Orleans R&B singer Larry Williams? During the late 50’s, Williams was quite the influential sensation in the UK; The Beatles adored his music so much they covered two other of his songs, “Bad Boy” and “Dizzy Miss Lizzy?”

This fast song is one that I loved spinning on my beloved Rock & Roll Music LP from my youth, “Slow Down” is one that I so needed to hear today. “Slow Down” is Desi’s new theme song. Since everything reminds us of Lucy, we’ve started rearranging our apartment and it’s kind of freaking our Desi out. Our little guy’s not big on change but we need to adapt to living in our reality. It doesn’t take much to set one us into tears of sadness, the sound of change is something we are trying to grasp around here. With images of Beatles cartoons and twisting & shouting while listening to “Slow Down” we’re attempting to make new memories in our sad home. Some rock music from The Beatles seems to be the first step to the right prescription for the perfect sound we need to shake things up in our ever changing private little universe.