Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 229
Wed. Aug 29, 2012

“Little Shadow [acoustic]”
Yeah Yeah Yeahs


“♫ Closer, shadow,
volume strikes/ still
we’re caught between
all this sorrow, little
shadow/ to the night,
will you follow

Waking up, I am still coming to terms with the loss of our little family member Lucy kitty. I called my Mami yesterday and she, as always, gave me the best Motherly advice. She said, we have another kitty Desi in our house that needs all the love we have to share and so much more. It was that little piece of guidance that sparked a light. I have to admit, it’s been so hard trying to listening to music lately, and you see every song was a Lucy song but today, thanks to my Mami, something was different. I began hearing the strings from one of my favorite Yeah Yeah Yeahs songs, “Little Shadow” in my head. And just like that we instantly had a Desi song.

Ever wondered how Yeah Yeah Yeahs compose songs like Desi’s “Little Shadow?” Lead singer Karen O, talked about her method of songwriting had evolved for 2009’s It’s Blitz when she said, “I’ve just really got one kind of goal, where I want to push myself, and that’s simplicity – to try and strip things down as simply as possible, to just cut straight to the point without being so literal that it’s just really hard for the listener to try and interpret things for themselves. So if you write simple lyrics, as long as they kind of contrast with the music they are coupled with, then there’s a whole world of meaning in there. So it’s tricky, because you don’t want to write simple lyrics without any meaning, or recognizing exactly what the song sounds like, or what the music sounds like. You want to contradict, so there’s a lot more space for feeling, emotions and interpretations. But simpler, I was just trying to get a lot simpler.”

“Little Shadow” at first sounds like a simple love song but it goes much deeper. It’s the simplicity of the tone, and of Karen O’s vocal that connects us to our own personal meaning. That’s the goal for any artist like Yeah Yeah Yeahs to unlock their audiences own emotions making an instant personal connection with their song. “As soon as that song was created and knowing right out of the box that’s what came out, that probably was a turning point in just feeling like, “We can do this, we’re gonna have a great time, it’s gonna feel good, and we’re gonna move towards the good feelings.” Karen O said expressing exactly how this lovely acoustic version of “Little Shadow” made me feel today. Thank You Karen O for lifting our veil of darkness if only for just a few minutes. Every day is a first step moving towards the good feelings and happier memories that will become true thanks to heartening songs like Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Little Shadow.”