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Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 216
Thurs. August 15, 2012

“Down in Mexico”
The Coasters


“♫ Down in the
Mexicali/ there’s a
crazy little place
that I know
[…] ♫”

Most Grindhouse film enthusiasts know The Coasters’ “Down in Mexico” by Butterfly’s lad dance scene from Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof. Did you know that “Down in Mexico” was written by legendary songsmiths Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller? According to Hound Dog: The Lieber & Stoller Autobiography, “Down in Mexico” was inspired by “Jerry’s fascination with funky bars and the sexy stories they suggested.”

“Down in Mexico” is a top ten hit that’s a 2:53 memorable love trip through the seeding sides across the border. This Coasters cut is one of the grooviest Mexico adventures ever documented on wax. Those sax lines are so caliente, matching the lyrical intensity and clever wordplay that Jerry Lieber imagined in those seedy bars. They reflecting the dirty goings on he loved so much, Jerry brought to life in the vividly funky “Down in Mexico.”

Quentin Tarantino himself used “Down in Mexico” in one of the sultriest scenes of his Death Proof film. The well-choreographed lap dance scene features one of Tarantino’s rarest singles from his extensive vinyl collection. In an interview, Tarantino recalled showing his single to a fellow record collecting co-worker, while working at a stag theater in his teens, showing him the “Newly Recorded” label on the vinyl. Quentin said that “Down in Mexico” immediately became one his favorite tracks of all time.

I love that scene from Death Proof but tonight, we dedicate “Down in Mexico” to the United States Men’s National Soccer Team [USMNT] for defeating Mexico in their first ever victory at Estadio Azteca, 1-0. The 75 year drought was won by a wonderful 80th minute goal from Michael Orozco Fiscal. This historic sports moment needed a classic like “Down in Mexico” as a theme song to remember this night when the USMNT finally beat Mexico in Azteca.

Whether you’re a The Coasters, Tarantino’s lap dance scene from Death Proof or a fan of U.S. Soccer, “Down in Mexico” is one of the best and most underrated classics written by Leiber & Stoller. While celebrating tonight with my fellow USMNT devotees, we join our fellow soundtrack enthusiasts in proclaiming our love for this sultry single. So let’s relive the magic of this South of the Border song and this victory “Down in Mexico” will forever be immortalized in the hearts by United States Soccer supporters everywhere.

I’m sure our USMNT is still celebrating “Down in Mexico!” This Uncut HD video is for you!