Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 208
Tues. Aug 7, 2012



“♫ I’ve got to
get over/ I’ve got
to get over/ I’ve
got to get better/
will love you

They always say never go to sleep angry, it turns out my father not speaking to me kept me upset and awake on Sunday night. As I laid there in bed, I tried to stop thinking about what I wrote in my last message that I sent him, I actually thought my Papi would appreciate my heartfelt honesty. But not wanting to even talk to me, it hurt, a lot. But he’s my Papi, did I really think the older I become my father would get rid of all his trademark bulldog tendencies?

I tried to ease my worried mine by following the advice sung by Paul McCartney and John Lennon, so I began meditating by taking a sad song and making it better. It wasn’t a Beatles song but a track from Blur’s turn of the millennium album, 1999’s 13. “Caramel” that I was thinking of on Sunday night.

Originally, “Caramel” was one of Blur’s Damon Albarn’s break-up songs on 13 written about his split with Elastica’s Justine Frischmann. I read that it’s supposed to be about Albarn’s alleged experimentation with heroin. “I would never, ever disagree with the enlightening abilities of drugs, I also… you know… respect their potency. You have to have very good intentions, otherwise… even the best intentions in the world can go awry. I think inevitably, they do with anybody who… you know… has that innate, spiritual kind of yearning” Damon said talking about his personal dealings with chemical dependence.
But even when he was dancing with excess, Damon was always thinking about the next song as he explained when he said, “No. I’ve always got up in the morning, excited about making music. I genuinely feel lucky in that sense.”

I remembered Albarn’s words as I tried to calm myself, I started meditating by repeating Damon’s lyrical “Caramel” like mantra of “♫ I’ve got to get over/ I’ve got to get over/ I’ve got to get better/ will love you forever ♫” over and over and eventually like magic, all that anger subsided and I finally fell asleep.

Somehow songs like Blur’s “Caramel,” no matter what Albarn’s original intention, relaxes my worried my mind enough so I can slumber myself to sleep. Sometimes just by reimagining a sad song, will actually make you feel better. On Sunday night, that song was Blur’s “Caramel.”

Look out for Blur this weekend as they’ll be headlining the closing ceremonies at 2012 Olympic Games in London. Until then, Thank You Damon and Blur for soothing my fury with 13’s “Caramel.” From the ruins of Albarns ill-fated love affair with Elastica’s Justine birthed the splendor in this 21st Century ballad.

“Caramel” is the song that Blur played live for the first time in ages a few weeks ago. Hungry for some new Blur? Give “Caramel” a try, the sweet aftertaste of this brilliance might just lift your spirits with this spaced out beauty of a 13’s tasty “Caramel” song