Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 201
Tues. July 31, 2012

“No Sunlight”
Death Cab for Cutie


“♫ No Sunlight anymore ♫”

Do you ever notice when you’re in Las Vegas no matter how bright it is outside the strip, once you’re inside there’s no sunlight? Some prefer the distraction of not having clocks inside where time disappears as dreams of instant riches crap out on the betting floor?

Betters on Vegas Casino floors remind me of Death Cab for Cutie’s song “No Sunlight.” Chris Walla described 2008 album which produced “No Sunlight” as, ““Narrow Stairs” is pretty bleak, like hopeless-bleak.” Speaking of bleak, lead singer and principle songwriter Ben Gibbard described his meaning of “No Sunlight” when he said—“As I’m sure other people feel as we get older, our windows of possibilities start slowly closing. In that song, it’s represented by the clouds coming in and there’s no more sunlight. As a child you look up, and you could lay on your back [and look] at the sky and anything was possible, and the older you get the less that is true.”

Gibbard’s description of “No Sunlight” reflects the life of a gambler when they first reach the Vegas casino floor. After a couple of losses, you can feel the confidence folding away with each disappearing hand. With no skies of light, some gamblers seemed trapped inside a gyre of waging, where each bet is made to overcome the last loss, it’s a feeble cycle that always ends the same empty and broken.

That’s why, I’m no gambling man. The only time I visit the Casinos, when I’m in Vegas, is on my way to the pool, to eat or to watch another game at Vegas Sports Book. The only money I drop in Las Vegas is money I spend. I don’t lose money on betting on any kind. It’s just not my thing. Has anybody ever watched any movie set in Las Vegas?
The art of betting in Vegas ends with the same refrain, the house always wins.

While I’m by the pool, I’ll get some rays while listening to “No Sunlight.” It’s always a win, win situation laying by the pool in Vegas. How can I lose with the sun tanning my skin and reflecting in my shades and the soundtrack of Death Cab’s “No Sunlight?” All I need is good music, bright sun and a cool pool to make our relaxingly road trip to Las Vegas a successful one.

And here’s one to watch on your way to the airport, in an actual taxi is an acoustic version of Death Cab’s “No Sunlight”: