Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 198
Sat. July 28, 2012

“Leave My Kitten Alone”
The Beatles


“♫ You better
leave my kitten all
alone/ well, I told
you, big, fat bull
dog/ you better
leave her alone

I’ve always been a lover of pussy but until recently, I’ve never really been a fan of cats. That was until I embraced our two beloved kitties, Lucy and Desi. Now that I’m a devoted cat owner, it’s always so difficult to leave our li’l lovelies at home when we go away our weekend getaways. In honor of our kitties, today’s song of the day is this rare Beatles outtake from 1964—“Leave My Kitten Alone.”

For years, “Leave My Kitten Alone.” had been buried in the vaults of Abbey Road studios until it finally got its release on 1995’s The Beatles Anthology 1. A major head scratcher is why The Fab Four left “Leave My Kitten Alone” on the cutting room floor was discussed by Richie Unterberger in The Unreleased Beatles: Music and Film when he asked—“So why wasn’t “Leave My Kitten Alone” placed on Beatles for Sale? John Lennon’s double-tracked vocal is strong and committed; George’s guitar solo has the kind of stinging, high-pitched wiry feel he’d perfect on “Drive My Car.” Speaking of George, Simon Leng went one step further in his essential tome While My Guitar Gently Weeps: The Music of George Harrison, when he wrote—““Leave My Kitten Alone” is among The Beatles greatest recordings. Driven with some demonic power by astonishing Lennon vocal, it rivals “Long Tall Sally” as the band’s classic rock ‘n’ roll cover version, the vitality of the band transcending studio manners. It also captures the best rock guitar solo of George Harrison recorded career.”

The ironic thing noted by Ian MacDonald in Revolution in the Head, despite Harrison’s most excellent guitar work in “Leave My Kitten Alone,” The Beatles probably left “Alone” off Beatles for Sale to make room for Harrison’s vocal cover of his hero’s Carl Perkins “Everybody’s Trying to Be My Baby.” MacDonald wrote, “Leave My Kitten Alone” would have made a far more convincing closer than “Baby.”

Still not convinced? Crank up some “Leave My Kitten Alone” this Saturday night and see if this rocker won’t get you off your feet? I like to croon this now vintage Beatles cover, serenading my two cats Lucy and Desi and they seem to appreciate “Alone,” will you? “Leave My Kitten Alone” might be rare and memorable Beatles cover but it’s not more valuable than you two kitties; Lucy and Desi this one’s for you!