Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 175
Tues. July 3, 2012

“Is Your Love Strong Enough?”
Bryan Ferry

“♫ just one step
at a time/ and
closer to destiny/
I knew at a glance/
there’d always be
a chance for me

Remember this beauty from Ridley Scott’s high underrated fantasy film—Legend? Ridley also directed the music video for “Is Your Love Strong Enough.” According to Ridley, Bryan Ferry assumed all the “Good and evil characteristics” themed in Scott’s Legend. Ferry himself, boasted about loving to contribute his theme song because Ridley’s film—“is a fantasy and has a mood to it—like my songs.”

Bryan’s real talent is just recognizing stuff. He is very good at collage and putting things together, the art student in him.” Bassist Guy Pratt said about working with Brian Ferry. Did you know that “Is Your Love Strong Enough” was Pratt’s audition for Ferry? Pratt discussed Ferry’s philosophy when making records like “Strong Enough” when he said—“[Bryan] basically deals with feel and that is the overriding thing with most of his records. They are essentially fantastic ‘feeling’ groove based soundscapes.”

The soundscapes from “Strong Enough” mirrored my love sick bachelor days. Naively, I would strategically place Ferry’s unheralded soundtrack classic on mix tapes and/or CD’s I would share with my former flames. Why, because I was never brave enough to outright ask—if their love was strong enough? I realize now, Ferry’s song is the question, I should’ve been asking myself, because I wasn’t strong enough to be anyone’s paramour. I allowed my insecure jealousies and my weak constitution get the worst of me.

But now I am rediscovering Ferry’s tender “Strong Enough” with new ears. How about those soaring powerful riffs by Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmore? And what about that sax solo, very Bowie-esque. Ridley Scott chose the right singer, who better than Bryan Ferry to bring Legend‘s theme song to life on wax?

Ferry‘s “Strong Enough” is legend in its own right. I recognize now that inside Ferry’s lyrics was a message of hope that I wasn’t ready to see. I wasn’t strong enough because I wasn’t ready to be with anyone, long term. I was a horny impatient fool; eager to leap to the happy endings without experiencing the peaks of her valley’s filled with sweet delights. And maybe, like Ferry so eloquently sang, I was— “♫ asking too much? ♫”

It’s all in Ferry’s lyrics, the promise that I missed the first time around, you have to be strong enough—you have to be ready, it only takes one beat and this stranger might just turn your desired fantasy into the reality called love. Relive the splendor of this living lyrical legend! Go back and get lost within the beauty of Bryan Ferry’s “Is Your Love Strong Enough.”