Don’t Forget the Songs-365: Mach Dos: Day 153
Sun. June 10, 2012

“Rosie’s Lullaby”
Norah Jones

“♫ She walked by
the ocean/ and waited
for a star/ to carry
her away
[…] ♫”

Of all, Norah Jones albums—Not Too Late is probably my least favorite. It’s not bad but just not as stellar as the rest of her LP’s. Last night, I discovered a reason to revisit this record because it’s truly Not Too Late to give Norah’s third full length album another try. “Rosie’s Lullaby” is the song that Norah played last night on VH-1’s Storytellers. I never heard “Rosie’s Lullaby” before last night and immediately it reminded me of the water, the ocean and the sea.

“Rosie’s Lullaby” sounds like an answer song—more of a rhythmic reply to Norah’s most successful numbers— “Don’t Know Why” which, unbeknownst to most Jones’ fans was written by one of her original band members—Jesse Harris. Harris wrote the heartfelt melody of “♫ I don’t know why I didn’t come. ♫” “Rosie’s” finds Norah as a bit more daring as a songwriter, instead of making of excuses, she’s the one, decisively inviting “Rosie” to make that metaphorical leap into the unknown, when Jones sings—“♫ Rosie – come with me/ close your eyes and dream ♫ […]”

Last night, Norah Jones explained the inspiration and meaning behind Not Too Late’s “Rosie’s Lullaby.”

We were out on tour in Australia, six years ago, there was a friend of mine of the tour she was a hippie/bohemian kind of beautiful person after dinner one night we were eating near the beach and my friend, she just kind of wandered out into the water and we all followed her. At first we thought, ‘what is she doing, this girl’s a nut, going into the water after midnight!” Yet, still we followed her and it was so nice. I remember looking up at the Australian stars and thinking—this looks so different. It was a really nice moment and the next day I started this song—it starts with her going into the water.”

Norah Jones originally went to New York City to become a jazz artist. What she found instead was a guitar, three chords and discovered her Country roots in a tiny NYC apartment—Norah revealed her true singing voice of home—and that’s the why she sings in that loveable twang.

Let’s celebrate the essence of Norah’s C&W flavored voice. Honor Norah by taking a drive to the beach, spinning “Rosie’s Lullaby” and letting Jones inspire your need to hear the ocean and feel Norah’s song as she lifts your insignificant troubles, watch and wave them away— tonight.